“Illegal Logging” installation made out of recycled paper by Julie Dodd

Our ancient trees are disappearing rapidly and are greatly under threat from Illegal Logging. Deforestation means more carbon dioxide released into the air, which adds to our problem of Climate Change. But this isn’t the only problem it’s causing, it funds other criminal activities, threatens the lives of indigenous people and could cause irreversible damage to planet and animal life surrounding those trees.

Paper Eggs

Recycled magazines

Julie Dodd used old magazines and glued the pages together in layers to create these solid eggs. Her work is a reflection on the impact of deforestation on migrating bird populations, and Dodd has taken the very problem (disposable magazines) and "revert[ed] them into a wood like material". I’m not too sure how I feel about the statement she is trying to make, but I do know I love the texture and pattern in these eggs. I love that the layers of magazine pages are visible, revealing the process of creation. They have a distinctly crafty, recycled look to them which I adore. The lines of colour reminds me of wood grain and desert landscapes, and that combined with organic shape of the pieces really communicates the idea of a man-made, recycled nature in which habitats are cultivated and controlled by humans.

I think it would be interesting and potentially very rewarding to explore creating sculptures out of this material on a larger scale. The intense layers of line and colour coupled with the polished finish might give the appearance of a marble-like stone when replicated on a large scale.