Just some of the photos posted by the cast and crew of CSI. My heart breaks a little every time I see everyone together because I know it’s the last time and I don’t want it to end because the show has had such a huge impact on me, they are like a second family and I’m gonna miss them all sooooo much 😭💔🔫🔪💣💥💉💊💰🃏🎰🔬🔦

Our Apologies.

Both of our cats refused to wear the American hat. 

Brokkr pulled out all of the hat’s ribbons, then suffered a crippling bout of despondency.

Sindri, likewise, was only interested in the ribbons. (Sorry, America.)

Attempts to sneak the hat on unawares were also unsuccessful.

We were finally able to get the hat to rest on Brokkr’s rump while he pretended that it didn’t exist.

Happy 4th of July to our southern neighbours anyways!

Sindri, Brokkr and rotary valve flugelhorn.