“Mommy, Mommy…you’ll never guess what color Daddy’s hair is now!” my 7 year old daughter excitedly reported over the telephone one day [while she was on tour with Duran Duran.] “What color Tatjana?” I replied a bit blase…after all, how many wives can say their husband wore the same shade of pink Yves St. Laurent lipstick as they did at their wedding? Nick changed his hair color so often during the years we spent together it was hardly front page news… “It’s purple!” she shouted, and then I heard Nick in the background correcting her “it’s lilac Tatjana, lilac!” …A great example of one of the qualities I loved most about Nick…his tendency towards eccentricity.“
—  Julie Anne Rhodes

Nick and his girlfriends #1

Julie Anne Friedman 1982-1992

She was born Iowa, USA and daughter of millionaire. She met Nick at a yachtparty in Los Angeles during 1982, while working as an model. Nick claimed it to be “love at the first sight” and the following day Julie found herself joining the band on their next flight to Kansas. In 1984 they married together at the Savoy Hotel where everything was pink, including the bride and groom’s outfits and flamingos. In August 1986, their only child Tatjana was born. After 8 years of marriage, they divorce in 1992.