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The lords and: Modern Fashion


I just felt like I needed to make this.

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- Expensive tastes, this one.

- works hard to be fashionable.

- really likes capes, though.

- Tailored suits, always. 

- No chill. 


- Prefers glasses to contacts

- matches his ties to his socks, always

- king of the *rolled up sleeves on a dress shirt* and *well fitting slacks* look

- He wears matching pajamas at night and it’s adorable.

- Sometimes forgets to fix his hair in the mornings, so he has that messy hair look.


- Casual clothes are better than everything.

- Wears sports-themed clothes 

- probably wears cargo shorts

- loves converse shoes

- and raybans

- somehow his look always works.


- sweatpants slung low on the hips (I mean low)

- you can also see the outline of his, uh, ehem. ya know.

- Basketball shorts, yesss.

- dresses like he really lives the #gymlife

- tanktops

- is walking eye-candy and doesn’t even realize it


- He has an extensive collection of scarves.

- and sweaters/cardigans.

- basically a fall/winter centric wardrobe.

- also prefers his glasses to contacts

- in the summertime, he still wears pants until someone (hideyoshi) stops him. 

- Hipster coffee-shop vibe is strong in this one.


- his clothes are always tailored perfectly

- even his casual wardrobe 

- He favors patterns like houndstooth and plaid but prefers them in shades of gray. 

- Wears fashion glasses, he’s got almost perfect vision. 

- But he does use reading classes.

- Has expensive accessories; his wallet/glasses/sunglasses/ jackets/ etc are all name brand, and he stays classic as opposed to following fads. 


- He likes vests, and jackets. 

- Layers are his favorite.

- Skinny jeans as well. 

-Has an overall more casual wardrobe.

- He likes comfort over fashion. 

- His fashion gives off a cozy vibe. 


- He dresses much like Mitsuhide. Slacks, dress-shirt, rolled up sleeves. 

- prefers his shirts and his slacks just a bit more tight, though (Which none of us mind).

- Always smells like smoke and sandalwood. 

- After work, he takes off his tie and wears his shirt with just enough buttons undone. 

- sometimes wears a robe at home. 


- effortlessly fashionable??

- literally always looks good.

- he too has fashion glasses. 

- A walking men’s fashion magazine.

- Doesn’t necessarily spend that much money on his clothes (he’s thrifty). 


- unironically wears crocs till Saizo intervenes, poor one.

- dresses a bit like a 14-year-old boy, cargo shorts, and comfy tees are his favorite if he’s just hanging out.

- Outside of that, he’s actually pretty good with fashion. He favors comfort, but he knows what looks good.

- He has the most varied style, he likes to dress for the situation.


- Lots of clothes handmade for him.

- Loves patterns

- Also loves traditional clothes.

- He owns lots of high patterned silk robes that he wears at home. 

- Dresses like art because he is art. 


- Dresses high profile because he is a high profile person.

- HOWEVER, on his downtime, he likes to show off his body.


- DOES own a tiger striped robe

- Also owns a tiger striped blazer

Things I love about The Evil Within 2

**Feel free to add more!**

1. Stefano’s art. Yes, I really do appreciate his art

2. Lily’s innocent eyes

3. Sebastian being old sarcastic dad

4. “Enough art school bullshit!”

5. Stefano screams “Stop moving dammit!!1” and Sebastian’s just running around like fuck you

6. Stefano angrily want Sebastian to respect his art

7. Myra’s mother love; willing to sacrifice herself and become a monster just to protect her daughter

8. Switching scenes between Sebastian getting out of STEM and Kidman’s rebel

9. ‘The Ordinary World’ song at the end with Sebastian driving and Lily sitting next to him looking with her innocent eyes, the song has two singers represent Sebastian and Lily OMG I’m crying 😭😭

10. As a psychology student, I love how they put many things about psychology into the game

11. Stefano’s portrait in Sebastian’s room

12. Stefano’s interview about his favorite picture

13. Religion kink(?)

14. That singing ghost lady

15. Death of team members

16. Sebastian overcome his guilt and fears

17. That moment you were brought back to Beacon and battle the bosses from the first game

18. Not many jump scares, build up the chilling atmosphere instead

19. Father Theodore’s concept on playing with protagonist’s fear

20. Stefano Valentini


I have a theory for TEW2, (at first I thought Myra was the one who killed Mobius agents from within STEM but…) Kidman points his gun at the door, everyone is dead and she looks at them strangely, then looks at administrator, and his gaze… it seemed strange to me, as if she were possessed (Ruvik is controlling it?) The administrator dilates the pupils watching her, perhaps having another clove in the hand, is seeing Ruvik instead of Kidman ? (plus the ‘clove’ in his hand is also bleeding) after, I read the letter that Ruvik left in the DLC:

“This machine, this system… I have been born again and will be born again. All persons coming into contact with the STEM system will carry my seed inside. I will corrupt you in parts, I will consume you.
I imagine the world in which with just one look I can access the next.
As you said, I am a ghost, but now I can enter your bodies.

The Man of Mobius… came for some time looking for a power.

And you… Kidman… even if you escape, I’ll leave my seal on you just as I left it on him”.

And there began to fit my theory, at the end Kidman looks the clove scar in his hand with a sinister smile, but is it really Kidman? Or is he again controlled by Ruvik just as he was with Leslie? As she turns he reminds me of him and his sinister smile too.

Well this is just something I’ve thought about, maybe I’m right or maybe not, I just hope they make TEW3 and Ruvik becomes the main villain again.

The Lords and: Modern Fashion (part II)


For @mrs-shinigami-daiko (who I hope isn’t creeped out by the fact that I saw she wanted shigezane in her tags) 

Shigezane’s fall fashion is inspired by @jane-runs-fast

Tagging: @han-pan and @lady-of-oshu

Date Shigezane:

- Have you ever seen chubbies? Like the shorts brand? He likes to wear those. They are just short enough and he can get them in ANY COLOR.

-pairs them with tanks in the summer.

- also he likes band shirts

- its fall: He’s wearing Khaki pants, a band tee, and flannel

- Beanies? Yes, probably.

- Dresses with a fashionable skater vibe. 

- likes vans/converse. 

Sanada Nobuyuki:

- This man wears suit jackets with everything. 

- Bow ties, but in a fashionable way.

- He’s got an eye for fashion. But classic fashion

- very 1920′s vibe. Would be the type to comb his hair in that fashionable way. 

- Looks good in suspenders. 

- He’s got a pocket square collection.

-prefers very oddly patterned socks.

Kirigakure Hotaru:

- soft but edgy style

- stud bracelets/ earrings

-but paired with soft oversized jackets.

- Skinny jeans with holes in them


- comfy shoes

- He’s not ostentatious though. 

- He favors nature tones.

- His dress clothes were picked out by Yuki and Saizo

-So when wears them, he is VERY ATTRACTIVE, CRITICAL HIT.


- Khaki pants/ dark wash jeans, patterned tee, comfy shoes.

- favors red T-shirts.

- He won’t disclose what cologne he uses but he always smells delicious.

- Outside of his life, he does have a collection of T-shirts from all the places he has visited and all the summer camps he worked at. 

Naoe Kanetsugu:

- Oh man, want to see someone who looks great in business attire?

-This man is all about quality over quantity.

- professionally made suits, shirts, etc.

- He’s not over the top, or particularly interested in brands.

- He just believes that having high-quality clothes that last longer is important. 
- He gets all his clothing tailored, so everything is well fitted. 

- He’s built. You can see his musculature under his shirts.

Fuma Kotaro:

- favors black clothing 

- doesn’t actually dress like an edgelord

- more like a hipster in grays and blacks.

- He’s got to copy Saizo, after all.

- Definitely, wears scarves and beanies.

- bracelets as well.