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SKAM & 90s east coast / west coast rivalry

so 90s hip hop has been a significant theme this season and in the previous one.

in the latest clip, we saw Even’s Biggie t-shirt (which he also wore while talking to Sana by the lockers this season & in the cafeteria clip in S3E6) hanging on the wall, immediately followed by a shot of Sana’s phone with the Tupac background - which made the reference to the Tupac vs Biggie feud unambiguously clear. we also saw Nas’ quote (that Sana arguably misinterpreted) and poster in Evak’s apartment.

both Wu-Tang Clan and NWA were referenced last season: the t-shirt Even wears in O Helga Natt & Isak telling him it’s the music he listens to when he wants to feel tough, respectively.

also, all artists except Biggie (for now, at least) were featured in S3 or S4′s soundtrack.

so, after a brainstorming team effort between myself, @newlevelofdesperate & @chickenparmaskam, the following conclusion was reached:

Sana = Tupac
Even = Notorious B.I:G.
Isak = Nas
boy squad = Wu-Tang Clan
balloon squad = NWA

Tupac & NWA - west coast crew
Biggie, Wu-Tang & Nas - east coast crew
Nas was never a part of the feud and was on relatively friendly terms with Tupac, but his loyalty was ultimately to his crew

this could represent a conflict between Sana & Even and their respective ‘crews’, with Isak acting as a mediator / somewhat neutral part.

Yellow curtains

The yellow curtains was Isak and Evens first reference to a parallel universe. It wouldn’t have been a surprise if they had yellow curtains in their first own appartement but those yellow curtains belong to a different universe. 
So they named their wifi “yellow curtains” as it is the “gate” to the internet, where we can find so many parallel universes.
Its  a huge tribute to all the incredible fan fic writers!

So, in 4 episodes Julie just needs to...

- explain the fight between the balloon squad and the boy squad

- explain the kiss between Noora and Yousef

- have Noora and Sana talk/Noora apologize for coming at Sana about the William thing

- Have whatever Sana plans to do with “Isak’s conversation with Sara” screen shots 

- fix all of the problems that arise from this drama she just started in episode 6

- have Sana and Even have a heart to heart/Even talking to the balloon squad possibly 

- heart to heart with Jamilla 

- heart to heart with her mom

- have Yousef talk to Sana about whatever the hell is going on between them

- redeem Vilde’s character or cut the ties between Vilde and Sana

- fix the russ buss situation (idk either the buss is out or the girl squad get their own van idk) 

- have Sana gain balance and peace in both her life and faith

Sounds totally doable #sarcasm

How fitting Isak served Sana some lukewarm tap water cup of tea bc that’s exactly what Julie gave us today…no real answers 🙄 The Sara dirt was nice but idc, WTF happened with the fight & Even’s past with the balloon squad. Julie’s gonna Fuck more Shit up before any of the previous drama is addressed & I’m tired!