julie walters


Movies/play cast meetings are great by nature but also because they provide with stuff like:

  • Cool Slytherin meeting
  • Scorpius and evil great-aunt Bellatrix
  • Grandma Molly and 3 of her grandchildren
  • More Weasleys (with Fred II if you wish)
  • Malfoy boys: Nicer with each generation
  • Godfather and godson

I’ve been so lucky. Alan Rickman quickly comes to mind. He had an amazing presence when he walked on set. There are so many incredible people I could list – Julie Walters and Ralph Fiennes, and I’ve early memories of Richard Harris. Back then I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now. When I first started they were just nice people, now I’m older and have watched more films, I realise it was amazing.”  - Rupert Grint about working with amazing actors