julie shaw


Sleigh bells ring…city sidewalks dressed in holiday style…yep, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that can only mean one thing here in the Parallel Julieverse: time for our annual 12 Days of Christmas Julieganza!

Previous years have seen 12 Days with Dame Julie and 12 Days with the Von Trapps…this year in honour of the 60th Diamond Anniversary of My Fair Lady, the Parallel Julieverse’s 12 Days of Christmas is proudly presented by none other than the darling of Covent Garden (formerly of Lisson Grove), Miss Eliza Doolittle. 

So practice diligently, remember it’s Ay not I, O not Ow…and, come Christmas Day, by George, you’ll get it!


Favorite 1960s celebrities outfits (3/?)

Jean Shrimpton, 1965; Jimi Hendrix, 1966; Françoise Dorléac, 1967

Jane Fonda, 1967; Michelle Phillips, 1967; Julie Christie, 1967

France Gall, 1968; Sandie Shaw, 1967; Joanna Shimkus, 1968

Anna Karina, 1968; John Lennon, 1967; Priscilla Presley, 1969

“sunday morning and I can’t sleep without you

I’m wiping white powder off of my nose from the night before

at 2pm I don’t remember falling asleep

or waking up 

or ever existing, really

I just have blood on my sheets from nose bleeds 

and so many beer cans I can barely see my floor

I can only see the space in my bed where you used to be

but you left too early. 

without a kiss on my forehead or a goodbye

I understand why 

but once things get less blurry will you come back?

I promise I’m not a fuck up I’m just fucked up all of the time

because my brain doesn’t know how to comprehend the fact that I’m alive

so it tries so hard not to be.

I hope you can see me behind the cigarette smoke 

I’m not hiding

I’m just hibernating 

from having such a cold heart

but I felt so warm beside you”

-Julie Shaw. Cold October