julie power

Happy Pride, featuring a lady from Marvel or DC or each color!

  • Red  - Batwoman
  • Orange - Julie Power
  • Yellow - Karolina Dean
  • Green - Viv Vision
  • Blue - Renee Montoya 
  • Purple - Karma

I also drew a version featuring gay male heroes. Check it out!


Hey, everyone! I put my two Superhero Pride drawings up for sale as prints at my Redbubble and Society6 shops! If you like them, you can get them to hang on your wall, or in other merch! I think the Redbubble has some other things like notebooks, art boards, etc.

Each picture has men or women for each color of the Pride rainbow! All the characters are actually queer and many of them have same sex relationships or dates on comic pages! For the men we have:

  • Red - Wiccan
  • Orange - The Ray (check him out in Rebirth!)
  • Yellow - Apollo and Midnighter
  • Green - Anole
  • Blue - Iceman
  • Purple - Bunker

And for the ladies, we have:

  • Red - Batwoman
  • Orange - Julie Power
  • Yellow - Karolina Dean
  • Green - Viv Vision
  • Blue - Renee Montoya (the Question)
  • Purple - Karma (New Mutants)

Again, if you’d like to hang these on your wall and can’t wait to see me at cons this fall, check out my Redbubble and Society6 shops to get a print today!

Give me the Runaways, now older, helping kids who were like them.

Chase the social worker, funny and so good with the kids with the ability to go hard and terrifying when he’s going to bat for them. He keeps in contact with all of the kids he’s helped. He has pictures of them next to pictures of Gert and the rest of the Runaways on his desk. He always listens to the kids, and he always treats them like they’re capable. He never talks over their heads.

Karolina, Xavin and Julie open up a home for homeless queer youth. Xavin and Karolina also start up a support group for young aliens living on Earth, whether they’ve moved to Earth recently or lived there their whole lives. It eventually becomes a Thing, with different chapters all over, run by other grounded aliens they’ve met over the years. Julie becomes an art therapist or something and helps young superheroes on a more one-on-one basis than before.

Molly… I can see Molly maybe wanting to become a cop, but not doing it for long because she gets frustrated with the system. She ends up being more of a vigilante, helping runaways get in contact with Chase, or with Karolina, or just finding them a save place to exist and be themselves. She totally has a costume, and probably a cool motorbike. Sometimes, if Chase gets a case he can’t legally help with, he ‘accidentally’ lets some details slip so Molly can do her thing.

(She still introduces herself as Princess Powerful to the really young kids, and they all adore her. She ends up somewhere between a superhero and an anti-bogeyman, in kids’ minds.)

Gert and Nico didn’t always get along, but man do they make a good team. They end up becoming lawyers, and do a lot of advocacy work for kids. Representing them, fighting for them. They’re a force to be reckoned with, and swiftly gain a reputation. People tell them they could make a lot of money as corporate lawyers, but they’re obviously not interested in the money. They help kids get lighter sentences, or get the help they need as opposed to being just thrown into juvenile detention. Nico also does some outreach work with a youth mental health program.

Victor gets into making really cool mobility aids, prosthetics, and other stuff like that. He charges on a sliding scale that means he can do a lot of stuff for low income, single parent households for free. He also gets called up by Julie if Julie runs into any kids who dabbled in villainy.

Klara ends up helping out a lot with Karolina, Xavin, and Julie’s shelter, talking to survivors of rape and abuse. She’s got a very calming presence, and is really good at getting kids to open up to her. She also teaches all the kids how to garden, so the home has a gorgeous garden in the back that all of the kids there can feel proud of. Sometimes, she volunteers at local museums, and there’s a standing invitation to all of them that if any of their kids want to get into a museum, or need to get out of the city for a bit, she’ll take them to the exhibit they were interested in, or go on hikes with them.

Old Lace is the best dang therapy dinosaur out there.


Sparkly gay(and pan/bi) girlfriends at first fight sight. 

(but seriously karolina is rainbow sparkling and julie is radiating the pan flag colours here)