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Katie: Wait, let me guess, you’re Thorse. Half Thor, half horse?

Beta Ray Bill: I am Beta Ray Bill.

Jack: Yeah, but you’re a horse with the power of Thor, right?

Beta Ray Bill: No, I am from an alien race called the –

Katie: Do you know a horse named Whitey?

Beta Ray Bill: I’m not a horse!

Katie: Can I ride you?

(Thor and the Warriors Four #2)


Julie Power: I know who I am.  I’m Julie Power. I like reading and acting. I was born in Richmond, Virginia, and I have two brothers and a sister. I’m not some.. some symbol or label.

Striker: So you’re not gay?

Julie Power: I – God, I don’t know.  Everyone’s all “pick a side.”  Like it’s Yankees/Red Sox.  When I… have feelings for a person, it’s for that person. Not their gender. Can’t you just like someone without it being a political statement?

- From Avengers Academy #23, by Christos Gage and Sean Chen. February 2012.


I wanted to highlight some of Marvel’s queer heroines- Xi'an Coy Manh (Karma), Raven Darkholme (Mystique), Heather Douglas (Moondragon), Julie Power (Lightspeed), Elizabeth Braddock (Psylocke) and Mariko Yashida (Sunfire).

Xi'an Coy Manh (with Kitty Pryde)

Xi'an’s feelings for Kitty are (apparently) unrequited, but they have a very sweet friendship, and it looks like Xi'an hasn’t been in any relationships so far.

Raven Darkholme (with Irene Adler)

Rogue’s mothers. Their relationship remained subtext for a long time, and unfortunately, Irene is dead now. But it was a powerful, long romance that shaped both women.

Heather Douglas (with Phyla-Vell)

Heather has been in relationships before, but always for a purpose; not for personal fulfilment. Phyla was the first person to make her truly happy. Phyla died as well, but Heather’s had visions of her being alive, so who knows?

Julie Power (with Karolina Dean)

Julie has been a super hero since she was ten years old. (Her age now is nebulous, because comics.) She met Karolina fairly recently; their relationship is new, and there’s no telling what path it will take. So far, it’s pretty adorable. 

Betsy Braddock (with Cluster)

Betsy joined the X-Men years ago, but only recently has she shown interest in women. It’s, um, complicated, but she and Cluster had distinct feelings for each other before the three Fantomexes decided to rejoin. Hopefully she won’t be the last woman in Betsy’s life.

Mariko Yashida (with Mary Jane Watson)

Mariko was the Sunfire of Earth-2109 before she joined the Exiles, a band of misfits chosen to travel the multiverse and fix what went wrong. On Earth-8545, she met MJ Watson, aka Spider-Woman, and they fell in love. When Mariko was killed, the team brought her back to that world to lay her to rest.

JULIE POWER | Lightspeed | Bisexual

Julie is a wonderful queer lady who also happens to fly on a rainbow (Marvel doesn’t really go for subtlety here). Her other powers include speed and limited invulnerability. As a child, she and her siblings belonged to the Power Pack. Julie came out as bisexual after joining Avengers Academy and befriending Brandon Sharpe. She and Karolina Dean formed a relationship during the Avengers Academy crossover with the Runaways.

Recommended Reading:


Julie’s time as a superhero with her siblings.

RUNAWAYS VOL.2 #1-6 (x)

Julie was recruited as part of a team of ex- child superheroes whose goal was to stop the Runaways from being superheroes (she and Karolina meet here and it doesn’t really make sense in the timeline, but it happened).


Julie is a member of the incoming class at Avengers Academy.


Julie recently came to the Young Avengers’ call to help fight and attended the Afterparty with Karolina.

Julie: So it’s totally low-key. Just lunch. No pressure whatsoever.
Karolina: Julie, it’s okay. It’s been a while. I’m as ready to start dating again as I’ll ever be.
Julie: Oh! Well, then, it’s a date.. So I’ll see you on our date. Sorry, I just really like the way that sounds. 

Avengers Academy #28 by Christos Gage & Karl Moline


Sparkly gay(and pan/bi) girlfriends at first fight sight. 

(but seriously karolina is rainbow sparkling and julie is radiating the pan flag colours here)