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So I saw gemsona-hq’s Pearl Party prompt and I thought it would make for a great designing exercise. Basically, I designed a pearl for a character on the show. As you can see, I chose Sardonyx!

Meet Conch Pearl: much like Sardonyx, Conch Pearl is over the top and dramatic. She’s outgoing and cheerful and looks forward to what the future holds. Conch Pearl is diligent, but also slightly mischievous as she enjoys pulling pranks on Sardonyx and the other Crystal Gems. Similarly to Sardonyx, Conch Pearl likes performing but loves cinematography and behind-the-scenes production more. She makes sure Sardonyx’s performances are perfect and leave her audience dazzled. From time to time, Conch Pearl will take up the role of a magician’s assistant. She deeply admires Sardonyx and hopes she can be a great performer like her.

✿ Gemanimate 2 - The Answer ✿ A Steven Universe Reanimate Project ✿

Gemanimate 2 finally has a release date! A total of 164 animators across the globe have come together to create this amazing reanimated episode of Steven Universe’s The Answer. Our animators have donated their time and skills to create this fan animation out of love for Steven Universe. The full list of contributing animators can be found here.

So tune in, in your respective timezone, and watch some gorgeous animation!

Release date:

8AM AEST 30th July

11pm BST 29th July

6PM EDT 29th July

3PM PDT 29th July


Gemsona-hq’s activity: “Design a Pearl for Pink Diamond and/or White Diamond!” (+ Blue and Yellow because I like drawing pearls :P)

So, White Diamond’s Pearl is supposed to be our Pearl here and for the outfit I was inspired by the mysterious silhouette during her regeneration (under readmore). As for Pink Diamond’s Pearl instead, I decided to design… uhm… you know… pink haired characters are usually cinnamon rolls or totally crazy…! (This may fit the “PD’s Pearl shattered PD” theory)

However I’m thinking that all Pearls may have their gemstone on their chest because they’re supposed to be servants, so not allowed to have their own identity. That’s why our Pearl is called defective. But if this is true I doubt she’s ever served WD - most of Homeworld would recognise her immediately, while Jasper or Holly Blue Agate didn’t. I also don’t think she served PD, some things don’t really match, plus when Bismuth’s joking about her owner, Pearl laughs while in Back to the Moon she’s in anguish upon hearing PD’s name… although those pink diamonds on her spacesuit and Sardonyx’s shoes… maybe PD secretly sided with the Crystal Gems and that’s why Pearl seems to respect her?

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So apparently, a feminist campaigner, Julie Bindel, has slammed Doctor Who’s new companion, Bill Potts. She claimed that Bill being a lesbian ‘is clearly done for the benefit of those who just think of it as girl-on-girl titillation’. 

I think it’s ridiculous that just because a character is a lesbian, there is an assumption that it is sordid

I think it’s wonderful that we have a lesbian in the TARDIS. She’s a brilliant character, and I look forward to seeing Bill’s adventures through time and space.