julie murray


Defiance Appreciation Week Day 4 - Favorite Rivalry: Amanda and Nolan vs Stahma and Datak. 

This is the central rivalry of Defiance. Other villains and conflicts come and go, but these two couples will be fighting for eternity. After season 3, Amanda will work to get the town back on it’s feet. Nolan will fight his way back to his family and his job at Amanda’s side. And the Tarrs will rebuild the criminal empire they’ve let slide. Nolan/Amanda and Stahma/Datak will forever be on opposing sides. They will be threatening to fight each other from their rocking chairs in old age. Their ghosts will be throwing insults at each other.

We own this city, every stone – a Murray and Dodson gangster AU

After murdering her cheating husband, Gill Murray inherits his Manchester underworld empire. Fiery and tempestuous, she soon draws the attention of the cautious but ruthless Julie Dodson, Dave’s firecest rival. Only instead of continued warfare, the two women find themselves drawn to each other instead, and what begins as an alliance intended to stabilise their businesses soon turns into something quite different…