julie i adore you


Hi @taylorswift! Hope you’re doing well💕 Let me introduce you to this beautiful, smart and LOVELY girls ❤️
Juli (the girl with long, wavy hair) @youcomeinwiththerain is the funniest girl I know, I can’t figure out why but absolutely everything she says makes me laugh, I’m sure you would love to someday talk to her and hug her really tight.
Flor (the one with short hair) @likeitwhenusleep is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She’s always there to give you the best advice and she listens to you carefully. She actually reminds me a lot of you. And she loves Grey’s Anatomy and Friends as much as you do and it’s certain that you would be glad to meet her and talk about all the characters of the shows.
Then there’s Giuli, unfortunately we’ve never had the chance to meet her in person but I can tell you that she’s so funny and she loves you so much and I swear she’s all the time standing up for you. I hope we can meet her at one of your concerts 😉. And then there’s me and all I can say is that I ADORE you.
This is us, Juli, Flor, Giuli and Belu. Four girls that probably would have never met if it wasn’t for you and your music, so thank you for this friendship, I hope you know that you’re part of our squad too!
Sending you big hugs from Argentina x 💕