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(planning message forthcoming, BUT NOW IS SAD HEADCANON O'CLOCK) okay okay so Luke got his green lightsaber crystal from Obi-Wan's house. Presumably Obi-Wan did not have access to a TON of crystals (it seems to be a bit of an ordeal to get them from Clone Wars canon). Thus, what if the green crystal Luke used came from Qui-Gon's old lightsaber?

This is the worst/best thing I’ve ever heard and I am publishing it without comment.

Just an update

…so, health problems have finally (hopefully) resolved themselves (…basically chronic health problem flare that prompted the hiatus got fixed, but segued into a really bad upper respiratory infection, which then segued into probable food poisoning so in retrospect the entire month of October was not very fun health-wise) but I am finally healthy.

Alas, I’m also working back-to-back 12 hour shifts for the next two days and then going to Canada with my family for 3 days (…well, not exactly ‘alas’ about Canada because it’s been planned for quite a while and should be fun), but my goal is to get back from being on semi-hiatus by weekend after next at the latest, assuming (fingers crossed) no more wacky health issues/being called to do extra work/anything else. Queue is still well-stocked, so that’ll continue to run until I’m back.

tl;dr: Finally feeling better! Will be back soon! 

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Do you ship any HP couples?


If you look at my personal/main blog, I do reblog stuff from my 3 main HP ships whenever I can find it (there’s not a lot of Tedromeda stuff in this world, Remadora is not exactly the most popular of pairings, and Scorose is hard to find in terms of meeting my specific vision of them.) Here’s a bit of shippy rambling from a year ago on Remadora and Tedromeda, and a bit of a ship manifesto for Scorose.

Anyway, my main canon HP ship is Remadora (Lupin/Tonks, tagged on main blog as otp: but she wants you), my secondary canon ship is Tedromeda (Ted Tonks/Andromeda Black), and my non-canon (well, not-canon-but-also-not-not-canon) ship being Scorose (Scorpius Malfoy/Rose Weasley, tag on main blog as otp: don’t get too friendly), but I only ship Scorose under specific conditions (namely that Scorpius and Rose are their own people, not Dramione redux; my headcanon version of Scorpius is probably noncanon, with Scorpius looking like his father but being very different personality-wise; and I prefer Scorpius and Rose to be in Ravenclaw together, and forming a Next-Gen-Golden Trio with Albus Severus.) There are plenty of other things I ship casually, or “can get aboard but don’t fervently ship,” or “I’m okay with this shipped, friendshipped, romantically shipped, whatever,” and there are certain people I multiship (Luna) and, of course, crackships (AVPM Quirrellmort!) But outside of my main ships I’m not much of a hardcore shipper, and when it came to the whole Romione/Harmony thing while the series was ongoing I always stayed out of it.*

*my official opinion being that Romione was a foregone conclusion but not one that I loved, but OTOH there weren’t really any popular Hermione ships I loved - in the Harmony/Romione/Dramione debates I was very much “uh…Hermione/Krum is nice?” or even just Team Hermione, in the way that I’m very much a Lily Evans stan without fervently shipping either Jily or Snily. Occasionally I’ll reblog Dramione things simply because Dramione shippers have always seemed to have some fantastic Photoshop/graphics/giffing skills, but I tend to think Dramione requires serious AU to work. I…would probably have specific thoughts on other individual ships if people asked me, but idk, those are my 3 favorite couples because of the individual dynamics, circumstances, etc. 

Apologies for the extended semi-hiatus - a more detailed explanation is on my personal blog, but basically my job is to cover work shifts when other people in my company get sick or go on vacation. Usually vacations and such are planned, but my boss has been calling me to do some shifts on an emergency basis and I’ve ended up working a lot more than I was scheduled (…it’s going to end up being something like at least 17/18 days I think, with back-to-back 12-hour shifts tomorrow and Tuesday.)

I hope to be on Tumblr/be able to do some Sortings on Wednesday, assuming that I don’t get called in to work then (I hope not - the overtime is going to be nice when I get paid, but right now I could really use a day off.)