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I'm disgusted

I honestly do not understand how Julie and the writers can be so okay with Bonnie’s character going seasons after seasons dealing with loss, torment, and hopelessness. What else does she have to endore for them to finally let her character be? When Elena comes back alive and she dies??
They had her grandma die, her mother and father killed, had her and Jeremy take turns dying to save one another, you had her be stuck in the prison world with Kai who hurt her, you had trapped alone in the prison world by herself where she almost KILLED HERSELF, You have her life linked to her “best friend” that if she wakes up at any point Bonnie DIES, you had Damon aka her best friend leave her and made her feel alone, and all the other things Bonnie endured in the 8 seasons of this show. Yet you have the one guy, the only guy that she really loved who was willing to TURN for her, to have a life with her they really did kill him off.
I don’t see how one can be okay with this?? How are they writing these storylines? They must be in their offices like “hmmmm how can we ruin Bonnie’s character this time? 🙃🙃🙃”
It’s disgusting and Bonnie deserves so much more! She deserves Happiness! She deserves Love!

Goodbye TVD! you will always have a special place in my heart!
The ‘I deserved better’ squad
Everytime I think of all the wasted potential we had with Bonkai:

All the awesome wasted storylines:

All those wasted sexy times:

Just look at them:

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Bonnie Bennett + Suffering Alone

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I was inspired to make this gifset upon rereading an anon asking me how Caroline came out on top by the end of The Vampire Diaries, just to throw in some perspective. Bonnie very rarely, if ever, is provided comfort or solace for the struggles she goes through, usually someone asks her for a favour after a perfunctory “Are you OK?” or they do the minimum amount like a phone call or they just tell her to continue being strong. Bonnie’s grief is never hers entirely and if it is hers entirely she suffers it alone.

anonymous asked:

No offence to you but seeing Bonnie with her grams and her ancestors was pretty moving? Not everything is fucking problematic

Except this was problematic, Bonnie’s whole arc on the show was problematic. Where do I even begin with this?

What’s moving is when they bring Grams back for Bonnie’s benefit, to give her advice, guidance, strength etc. This was not moving, this was yet another example of Bonnie being used to save the day. Additionally, they also created another Bennett, not for Bonnie’s storyline or to give Beatrice (I think her name is) her own story line but to further the storyline of the other white characters. As for Lucy, we haven’t seen her since season 2 and that was only so she could be of help to Katherine. Her and Bonnie hardly even spoke or got to bond and what I’m supposed to feel moved because they brought her back for two seconds to help her save Mystic Falls?

Becuase after eight seasons I really shouldn’t have to explain this I’m going to just paste this article from TV Tropes magical Negro page which pretty much explains it perfectly.

The Vampire Diaries is known for its portrayal of Black Witches. Witches on the show are predominantly Black, and most Black characters are witches. Witches, the most powerful supernatural characters, are shown to be descendants of slaves, although this is not openly acknowledged or referenced. Although they are incredibly powerful, witches- or Black witches are subservient to the Caucasian characters. What rare insights we are given to the world of witches, we are made to understand that most magic is done selflessly for the benefit of white characters, or to “preserve the balance” of nature. Notably, Emily Bennett worked as Katherine’s handmaid. In addition, she used her powers to provide her and other vampires immunity from sunlight. Why she would do this despite obviously not approving of the “vampire lifestyle” is apparently a I Owe You My Life situation that is never expanded on. The subtext isn’t really helped by the series being set in the American South.
One of the main characters of the show, Bonnie Bennett, is given very little screen time or character development. Her plot lines are rarely taken out of the context of being a witch. Like the other Black witches, she selflessly aids the Caucausian characters in the show. Furthermore, Bonnie is used a vehicle for plot development and white character growth. Bonnie’s love interests often use her as a pawn; the love interests are usually villains that first, attempt to get to Bonnie for her magic, and second, and more importantly, their use of magic always involves a Caucasian character (revenge on a vampire, saving Elena, etc.) . Bonnie’s dynamic reinforces the master-slave dynamic in this way; while Bonnie is powerful, because she is Black and powerful, the purpose of her magic is to serve the white characters.
“Her (white) friends are gaining all kinds of power left and right (and angsting over it), while Bonnie has seemingly sacrificed the use of her witchy abilities after using them to save Elena and company over and over again. (Remember, last season her mother was turned into a vampire, also because of Elena.) What’s more, she keeps making sacrifices, big and small, for this group of–frankly horrible–friends. That plotline did lead to a potential romantic entangle for Bonnie that I wanted to be excited about (since, because Bonnie’s life just bites, none of her romantic interests ever work out), until it was revealed that the character (a college professor) is most likely some kind of evil. Bonnie Bennett, eternal sacrificial Black Best Friend and Magical Negro, cannot catch a break.

In conclusion, there was nothing ‘moving’ about what happened with Bonnie and her relatives in the finale it was just one last embodiment of what they’ve been doing to bonnie for years. Moving is Bonnie getting a scene like Matt, Caroline and Alaric did where Sheila is watching over from the beyond (perhaps with her dad) while Bonnie lives out the rest of her life, that sort of thing. I’m just glad that they gave her a good ending and didn’t kill her for the sake of Elena because that would have finished me off.

Additional reading: Magical Negro Wikipedia  The Treatment of Bonnie Bennett

It’s official over. No more pics of the sets, no more behind de scenes videos, no more new season, nothing. After today TVD is official wrapped up and I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this huge show. This show has give me so much.
The vampire diaries will always have a special place in my heart so again thank you everyone.❤️