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Sole Meunière

Sole Meunière was the first dish that Julia Child, patron saint of french cooking, had when she first arrived in Paris. She described the meal (and the wine that accompanied it) as to The New York Times as “an opening up of the soul and spirit for me.” While in France she attended Le Cordon Bleu and went on co-write ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’. I am of the opinion that any dish that can woo a woman like this should be an staple in any kitchen. 

Now read on for fish, lemons, and quite a lot of white wine to go along with it!

- MJ & K

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Remoraid is likely based on a real life Archerfish, who uniquely hunts by spitting down its prey.

Like Archerfish, Remoraid creates pressure by squeezing its gills together. They keep absolutely still during the release of the jet, for absolute precision. It’s also not a single maneuver, Remoraid will be opening its mouth, changing the diameter over the course of the jet. Doing this, they can make their jet catch up on itself, making one single blob that forms right at the prey. [x]

There’s still many unanswered questions about Archerfish, such as how they compensate for vision distortion, since they are aiming at targets above the water. We also don’t know how they can compensate for moving targets, although its likely the same skills we use when passing a basketball to a moving teammate.

And yet, the Archerfish can only shoot up to 1 meter, where Remoraid can launch up to 91. Including the blob-dynamics and the changing diameter of its mouth, the physics becomes a lot more complicated. Rather than fluid dynamics, I’m going to take a much simpler, projectile motion approach to finding how fast Remoraid can shoot the water.

We know that the height of an object thrown straight upwards is given by:

Sparing you the algebra, the initial velocity in terms of the max height will be:

For 9.8 m/s^2 gravitational acceleration, and a max height of 91.4 meters, this gives us an initial velocity of about 30 m/s, or about 67 mph.

Remoraid can shoot water at 67 mph to hit flying prey. By opening its mouth and squeezing its gills while it shoots, Remoraid’s jet stream will catch up on itself, creating one single projectile blob to take down the prey.

Of course, this example was shooting straight up, and the pokédex does say it can shoot more than 300 ft. It’s safe to assume that Remoraid can actually shoot faster than 67 mph.


Raymond Gauthier has reached the end of the rainbow and has been justly rewarded with the fisherman’s pot of gold in these lunker bass caught on Toledo Bend Lake. On July 3, 1973, while fishing near Pendleton Bridge he hauled in 7 bass that tipped the scales at 56 pounds even. Since then he has caught 63 bass in a 2 acre area. 20 of these weighed over 6 pounds each, 20 more weighed over 7 pounds each and 12 of these weighed over 8 pounds each with the 2 biggest weighing 9 pounds 14 ounces each. Since then he has caught many more in the same weight range that have not been mounted.


Shore fishing for stingray: Stingray inhabit waters from the North Sea and Ireland down the western European coast taking in the whole of the Mediterranean Sea, and also right down the African continent. The season for stingray is typically late April on with late May and June the best period for numbers of fish. By July their numbers will be thinning out leaving only smaller rays tight inshore.

1959 Chevrolet Corvette C1 Convertible


Thanks for following the #mypubliclandsroadtrip in BLM Alaska! View the Alaska roadtrip journal here: http://mypubliclands.tumblr.com/roadtripalaska.

This week, the roadtrip heads to Nevada for unique desert landscapes, wildlife and behind-the-scenes stories.


Girl Meets World - ‘Girl Meets Fish’ (July 24th 8:30 PM ET/PT)
It’s Riley’s turn to take the class fish home for the weekend, but it dies as soon as she gets it. Auggie suspects foul play.
Note: This episode was filmed during season one. It was pushed back so it could air during Disney Channel’s “Whodunit?” weekend event.


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 993:
Jon Moxley Vs. Brodie Lee
Evolve 4: Danielson Vs. Fish [July 23rd, 2010]

In a match that would occur many times throughout their careers, Jon Moxley goes head to head against future rival Brodie Lee at Evolve’s 4th show. This match was actually the opener of the event, and what a kickoff it was. The fans are solidly behind Brodie Lee, who would be known within a few years as Luke Harper, so it’s kind of nuts to see people cheering him on. Moxley, of course, is known today as Dean Ambrose, who guns at Lee with the same moxie that he’s known for today. An exchange of blows kicks the match off with both men hitting some stiff shots but with Lee getting the best of the exchange. The battle goes from one side of the ring to the other, both inside and out, and heats up with each passing second!

Let me just say, you are fucking crazy if you miss what happens at the 7:25 mark. Holy FUCK that was a rough shot! The fact that Moxley got up afterward without a broken jaw blows my mind.