julie dresses up

Miss America

She had been pouting all week, missing her home. She was upset, her friends were all renting out a boat, drinks, food, family and friends, all gathering to sail and watch the fireworks, it was a tradition for her, every forth of July she would dress up and relax with them. 

But this year she promised Harry she would fly out to him, she promised to hang out with him and his family. She hadn’t realized it meant she would miss on of her favorite days of the year. 

“It’s just like a cookout right?” Harry asked, sitting across from her on the bed. 

Y/N sighed, “no, it’s more than that. Anything before July 4th of 1776 is irrelevant,” she stated. 

“Okay Ron Swanson,” Harry rolled his eyes, leaning back, “I’m sorry you’re missing it.”

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grasshoppa  asked:

Blueberry, lychee, and passion fruit! ☆

passion fruit: how would you describe your style?

my style is a Mess,, honestly i wear whatever i think looks cool, so that basically means i mash up tons of different styles and walk out into the world in it

lychee: satin or lace?

my gramma used to wear those old-lady track suits that were made of satin and were matching pants/sweater combo, so i’m going to have to go with lace. i cant deal with satin anything w/o thinking about old ladies

blueberry: what do you want to dress up as for halloween?

highkey thinking about dressing up as coraline bUT id have to get all the parts for it ;u; i love that movie

if you type ‘Julie Andem’ into google the first three images that come up are:

does she remind you of somebody….some…boy…who likes to wear layers…?

And here are the Nozachiyo Week prompts!

  • Day 1 (July 6): Summer date, heat
  • Day 2 (July 7): Crossover, AU
  • Day 3 (July 8): Kisses, comfort
  • Day 4 (July 9): Dress up, body swap
  • Day 5 (July 10): With friends, joy
  • Day 6 (July 11): Genderswap, humour
  • Day 7 (July 12): Future, family

Please tag all submissions ‘nozachiyo week’, and add the day (day 1 , day 2, etc..)

You don’t have to include every aspect of these prompts into your works! These are just suggestions. Look forward to seeing what you participants put forward! c:

Baby Face

“Aww, baby face is back!”

Val rolls his eyes at his wife’s smirk as he steps out of the bathroom into their bedroom. It already feels weird enough to be without his signature facial hair without her bounding over and rubbing her hands along his jaw with a giggle.

“It’s not funny,” he grumbles, swatting Janel’s hands away, “You know I hate this.”

“But you’ll make such a handsome Hercules,” she says. He can’t help but smirk at that, because she’s been making fun of him for his Disney week routine since he’d been assigned the goofy hero a week ago, but despite the cheesy factor it’s actually not a bad dance. He’s confident that he and his partner, a Twitter comedienne, will take home the night’s top score, but looking the part never hurts.

“I just wish you were playing my Megara.”

Janel grins, pulling him in for a long kiss then pulling away with a hum.

“Your face is so smooth,” she mumbles thoughtfully, a mischievous look in her eye. And he knows what she’s thinking as she tugs her bottom lip between her teeth and rolls her hips against his, but his eyes catch the clock on the wall behind her and he sighs.

“Baby we can’t,” he sighs, stepping around her despite her best puppy dog look, “I need to finish getting ready, and you haven’t even showered yet.”

She’s still pouting, but after a glance at the clock doesn’t protest. 

“Rain check?” she asks, “Your brother said he’d babysit Juli tonight so we can have some time to celebrate after the show”

“Sounds good.”

Then her pout disappears as she kisses him on the cheek and pops into the bathroom for her shower. But after just a second the door opens and she sticks her head out again,

“I forgot to ask, can you get Juli up and dressed for me? I have to drop her off at daycare and get to the studio by nine.”

“No problem,” he calls back, blowing her a kiss across the room and earning an appreciative giggle as she closes the door and returns to her shower. 

He finishes getting ready, then stops to look at himself in the mirror before going to wake up Juliet. He rubs his smooth jaw thoughtfully, frowning at his reflection in the mirror. The last time he’d been clean shaven was for his and Janel’s Contemporary routine, nearly four years ago. He’d hated it at the time, but he can’t help but think now that it doesn’t look half bad. And if it gets him that response from Janel, maybe he should think about shaving more often.

He muses on the thought as he walks down the hallway to Juliet’s room, coming in and kneeling next to the toddler’s bed. Juliet is still sound asleep on her back, dark curls fanning out on her pillow like a halo. One arm is stretched up, over her head, while the other is bent with her thumb in her mouth. She looks so peaceful that he takes a moment just to watch her, to drink in the beauty of his perfect little girl, before he puts a hand on her stomach and nudges her gently awake.

“Rise and shine baby girl.”

Juliet doesn’t open her eyes, but her mouth falls into a pout as she swats at her father’s hand.

“No dada,” she whines, “Juli sleep.”

“It’s time to get up Juliet,” he laughs, nudging her a bit more insistently this time. And now she yawns, stretching adorably as her eyes blink open.

Then, in an instant, her face contorts with fear and she scuttles back into the corner of the bed away from Val. He moves towards her to hold her, to ask what’s wrong, and she begins to shriek.

“Bad man!” she shouts, “Bad!”

“Baby it’s Daddy,” Val says, his mind reeling. In his surprise he can’t figure out what is causing her to act like this. He’s never seen her so upset, and when he finally gets a hold of her, pulling her into his arms and cradling her against his chest, she flails and fights him. She’s sobbing now, tears flooding down her cheeks.

“Mama!” she cries, trying to pull out of Val’s arms, “Mamaaaaa!”

“Juli, it’s me, it’s daddy!”


In her struggle Juliet’s hand connects with Val’s face, delivering a slap to his cheek. The skin burns at the contact, and suddenly Val realizes what is happening.

“Baby, Daddy just shaved his face! See?" 

He takes Juliet’s hand, placing it on the soft skin where his beard used to be, but she doesn’t understand.


“It’s still me Juliet, it’s still Daddy.”

Val groans in frustration. Juliet is becoming more inconsolable by the second, and he can’t figure out how he’s supposed to prove to her that it’s him. So he’s relieved when he hears Janel’s footsteps running down the hallway and into the room.


Juliet jumps out of Val’s arms, running to where Janel is standing in the doorway with her towel wrapped around her body. Her body and hair are still soapy, and Val cringes in a silent apology as Juliet wraps herself around Janel’s legs and continues to cry.

"What’s going on?” Janel asks. With the arm not holding her towel she reaches down and picks up Juliet.

“Bad man,” Juliet cries, pointing at Val, “Bad man Mama.”

“She doesn’t recognize me,” Val sighs when he can see that Janel is just as baffled as he was at first. Then her face lights up in realization and she has to bite back a laugh. Juliet looks up at her mother expectantly, as if waiting for her mother to save her from the bad man, and Janel kisses her on the nose.

“It’s okay baby girl,” she coos, “Do you want to come take a shower with Mommy?”

The toddler nods, laying her head against Janel’s chest with a sniffle. And Val feels his heart drop when Janel’s only condolence is a shrug and a poorly concealed grin of amusement before she carries Juliet off with her to go finish her shower.

Left alone on the floor of his daughter’s room all Val can do is sigh. He definitely won’t be going back to baby face again any time soon.