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1/?: Sherlock/Poirot similarities & parallels

NCT as kids in my class
  • Taeil: *always on time and seems to be paying attention but doesn't actually know what's going on*
  • Hansol: *blasts shakira's 'hips don't lie' every possible minute for two weeks straight*
  • Johnny: *has shown up to class for maybe four days in three weeks*
  • Taeyong: safety first kids, please always remember that
  • Yuta: i know i shouldn't have punched him but i mean it was a discussion about women's rights and he was wrong
  • Kun&Winwin: *always talk in chinese and take great pleasure in the fact that no one else understands what they're saying*
  • Doyoung: actually if you crash down there and die then your family is gonna get a lot less money than if you crash and end up having paraplegia, think about that
  • Ten: *already didn't do the homework on the second day*
  • Jaehyun: *always late, always asleep, somehow the teachers love him*
  • Mark: when will i get paid for enduring this
  • Renjun: *helps everyone with the homework*
  • Jeno&Jaemin: *applaude when bus driver manages to turn the bus around in the middle of the street*
  • Haechan: *on the bus* okay but i am sitting in the cool seat so i am the cool kid so you cannot complain about what music i play *plays 'never gonna give you up' and almost gets killed*
  • Chenle: no i'm not thinking about what to answer, i'm thinking about if i should give you an answer or not
  • Jisung: my mum will still love me if i fail this grade so it's okay

okay to people bitching about the finale and the delena-less. You realize this was the end for all of them right? I would’ve hated them if they focused only on this one ship (yes my favorite and most epic ship ever) but they didn’t. We’ve known for years DE was going to be end game why are yall acting surprised. of course they got married, Damon talked about it. I love that we saw a bit of everyone including DE because every one on that show mattered. Stop bitching.
also I screamed for 5 minutes becAUSE KLAROLINE

The Months as Witches: July

July’s magic centers on the world of dreams and sleeping. Her powers can help someone anywhere from interpreting dreams to capturing dreams. However, July can also brew a sleeping potion which will cause the recipient to remain in a dream-like state. July also holds the rare power of dream-walking, or entering into other’s dreams. 

(inspired by droo216′s if the months had faces edits)