julie dofus

anonymous asked:

Are there any turntables of Simone for reference?

In honor of International Women’s Day… why not?

Here’s one of the character turnarounds for Simone, and her cute Ecaflip girlfriend, Julie.

And here’s another one of Simone, plus some reference for Lou. No one really knows where Lou is today, but it’s nearly a sure thing that wherever she is, she’s running the place with style, grace and a well-placed karate-chop.

anonymous asked:

I gotta ask. Was Simone's dream gift to Julie a wedding ring?

To be 100% accurate, I must say that in the script, it is only described as “a gift” and “a little box wrapped up with a ribbon.” The script never talks about what the gift might be.

But, the folks on the art team seem to have made the logical leap when designing the prop…

Yep, that certainly would knock someone’s socks off, and Julie seems to agree.

One final note - when Kerub is showing them to their table, it is specifically described as being a “romantic” table – “Kérubim, sourire complice les entrainent vers une petite table romantique, avec bougies“