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Daydreams ☁️

“You speak dynamic fiction, I see right through that too. When I think about you my whole world falls through.”


You can find it on spotify here.

1. All 8 songs by Cigarettes After Sex

2. Weightless - Marconi Union

3. Drawbar (feat. Tom Morello) - Linkin Park

4. July - Trocadero

5. Daydream No. 19 - Trocadero

6. Outpost Sunset - Trocadero

7. Cure for the Itch - Linkin Park

8. Wake - Linkin Park

9. Session - Linkin Park

10. Half Life - Trocadero

11. Half Life (Instrumental) - Trocadero

12. A Better Son/Daughter - Rilo Kiley

13. Vale Deah - Trocadero

14. So Good - Trocadero

15. Shiny Thing - Trocadero

16. Invisible - Linkin Park

The playlist is bound to be updated, so if you have a Spotify, I recommend following this playlist.

The Perfect Picture

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Mild Language, a tad bit of smut, CW spoilers (as it is post CW) and a major Star Wars spoiler but everyone knows what it is anyway. It’s pretty much the most famous spoiler of all time.  

Request: Hi! I loved the Sweetest Devotion so so much! I’ve read it like 50 times! And Hold On, We’re Going Home is my favorite Sebastian Stan imagine ever! I was wondering if you could write a Bucky request where the reader is Tony Stark’s daughter and she has this thing for sending funny pictures to the Avengers, but mostly to Bucky. And one time, she accidentally sends a really pretty selfie of herself and Bucky saves it because he loves the reader, even tho she tells him to delete it. 

A/N: So, after many, MANY drafts, I finally settled on this one. I changed it slightly, from a ‘pretty’ selfie to a not-so-pretty selfie, simply because I think Bucky would love you no matter what you looked like. This was also inspired by Seb’s adorable attempt at pronouncing ‘Memes’. Bless his beautiful soul. I encourage you to click on the link, it is the light of my life. Also, this is unbeta’d, sorry babe. I hope you enjoy it <3

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A coworker gave me a pack of sparklers because we had some leftover from an event, and I thought “when the hell would I even use these,” and then I thought, “oh duh, it’d be nice to cook for a lady.” Maybe I make her a cake, or just buy her a cake, and I put a single sparkler in it, so she has to blow it out like a wacky candle.

And in all seriousness, that’s stupid. That is a stupid gag, BUT it would make the night memorable. Moreso than if I’d just given a woman a cake, sans sparkler. It’s a real story. "He put a sparkler in the cake, and I blew it out, and I was like, a sparkler, whaaaat, but it was sweet. The sparkler was a nice touch.”

Then the next time I make her a meal, maybe a nice steak, I put a sparkler in it too, and she laughs, but it’s not as funny, and she doesn’t laugh as much as the first time, but it’s still nice. And then I still have all these fucking sparklers and I’m like "I’m not going to use these sparklers for regular sparkler purposes. It’s mid July.” So I start putting sparklers in every meal i make for this girl I like. Sparklers sticking out of a tall sandwich, sparklers on a casserole. And then all the sparklers freak her out, and she breaks up with me, and later she’s telling her friends about why we broke up, and she says, “He kept putting sparklers in everything he made me.”

CUT TO: me, sitting alone, drinking a beer. I light a sparkler and drop it in the beer bottle


I just watched these movies for the first time and like, it’s three movies of julie delpy being right about everything and ethan hawke being a man and julie delpy being right about the particularly exhausting kind of man ethan hawke is, “I mean, I’m sorry to say it, but he’s actually a closet macho.” 

anyway the above scene is literally what alice bolin wrote about nick dunne and then what haventreadthat said: “men like to claim they’re afraid we’ll all become her at the slightest provocation.”

aka we want you, medea, to be the worst thing that there is
eta they’re looking for a woman who’ll tell them that they’re not guilty of anything

Hey taylorswift this is my video of you singing How You Get The Girl, during my skype session with juliehajost, she’s such a sweetheart for doing this to me!!!

She called me on Skype from the STAPLES, the last #1989TourLA show and she let me show the beginning of your show with some songs and it was a dream! I don’t mind the stream was grainy and choppy but I SAW YOU LIVE. GOSH.
 LIKE HOW! NOW I CAN SAY THAT I HAVE SEEN YOUR CONCERT LIVE. isn’t that so cool?! I absolutely adore this woman, she’s the sweetest and kindest ever! The best night of my entire life! Now I’m looking forward to seeing you both live! I hope one day my dream comes true!!! #USA 
We both would be very grateful to you, if you see this post. THANKS! 


Jack Straw, 8/27/72

“Leavin’ Texas, 4th day of July…”

Have a great day and go celebrate some Independence - yours, ours, somebody’s, anybody’s. And try to have as amazing a time as everybody in Sunshine Daydream. Except maybe that infant, pissed about losing his ice cream to a dog. 

We can share the women, we can share the wine…

Summer Event Schedule

Hello, everyone!! @alianne and I have a lot of cool things for you coming up!!

May: Theme Weeks

  • May 1st-7th: Broadway Klaine fics (Where one or both are Broadway performers.) 
  • May 8th-14th: Weddings (Any fics relating to weddings)
  • May 15th-21st: Daddies!Klaine
  • May 22nd-28th: Graduation (Or anything relating to the end of the year)

June: Monthly Event Summer

Set up like the Klaine Advent, we’ll be supplying one word prompts inspired by summer!!

July: The Daydream Believers Big Bang Kickoff!!

August: Theme Weeks

  • July 31st- Aug 6th: Kid!Klaine AU
  • Aug 7th-13th: Fantasy AU
  • Aug 14th-20th: Fake Dating AU
  • Aug 21st-28th: College AU

We’ll give out more information as each of the events come out, and we have plenty of things planned going into the fall and winter, too!!! 

Please help us spread the word!!