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Happy Accidents - Part 4

Once again you guys have totally blown me away with the response to this! I seriously can’t believe it. I love you all so much! lol As promised, here’s part 4! ^_^ 

Pairing: Sebastian x plus-sized reader
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing if you count that, a little bit of drinking mentions
Word Count: 3.4k

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 
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The Fourth of July creeps up on you before you know it. You spend the entire day before baking cookies. Sebastian had warned that Anthony has a lot of friends, so you want to make sure you make enough for everyone, not to mention a whole slew of different kinds. You never know what people are going to like (or be allergic to), right? By the end of the night your counter is full of Tupperware all stacked and carefully labeled. You even went so far as to doodle little pictures of the cookies on them and write the names in cute fonts. They’re totally Pinterest worthy, even if the Tupperware doesn’t all match.

You and Sebastian had agreed to carpool so you wake up bright and early to a text from him.

[Seb: Morning beautiful ;) Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit]

You send back your own good morning text and tell him to come get you whenever he’s ready. You warn him that you’ll need his help with the cookies, to which he sends back a series of question marks and you send back the angel emoji about a million times just before hopping into the shower.

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theboneshack  asked:

What horror movies do you absolutely recommend? Also, what are your favorite movies available on Netflix instant streaming (if you even use Netflix)?

Ten on Netflix:
+ Starry Eyes ***
+ Creep (July 14th)***
+ The Taking of Deborah Logan
+ Dead End***
+ The Canal
+ Pontypool ***
+ The Sacrament
+ I Saw the Devil
+ Honeymoon
+ Housebound 
+ The Babadook
+ Let the Right One In ***
+ Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead
+ Wolf Creek 2
+ Proxy
+ Faults (17th)

these are some that i’ve watched recently!

*** = top five

I was about to type out my ten always recommended but it was pretty much identical to this list.

ingu-deactivated20150707  asked:


[Housemate wanted; looking for housemate to share large converted studio warehouse with designer]

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Koudlam - Negative Creep 

Negative Creep taken from the forthcoming album “Benidorm Dream”  on Pan European Recording.

Directed, Shot and Edited by : Jamie Harley

Paris, July 2014


Calabrese by Julie Creep

Why is it that the moment July begins to creep across our calendars, I’m already yearning for the bite of autumn wind? I’m longing for the crunch of rusty orange leaves underneath my boots. I wish for misty mornings imbued with the scents of apples and pine trees that scrape the cloudy sky. Why can’t I just appreciate this warm and sunny moment?
—  A.O.A.M

Biters by Julie Creep