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Full Moon Dates 2017

January 12th Full Wolf Moon 6:34 am

February 10th Full Snow Moon 7:33 pm

March 12th Full Worm Moon 10:54 am

April 11th Full Pink Moon 2:08 am

May 10th Full Flower Moon 5:42 pm

June 9th Full Strawberry Moon 9:10 am

July 9th Full Buck Moon 12:07 am

August 7th Full Sturgeon Moon 2:11 pm

September 6th Full Corn Moon 3:03 am

October 5th Full Harvest Moon 2:40 pm

November 4th Full Beaver Moon 1:23 am

December 3rd Full Cold Moon 10:47 am

2016 Full Moon Calendar

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                                                   Date | Name

                                               Jan 23. | Wolf moon

                                              Feb. 22 | Snow moon

                                              Mar. 23 | Worm moon

                                              Apr. 22 | Pink moon

                                             May 21 | Flower moon

                                            June 20 | Strawberry moon

                                             July 19 | Buck moon

                                            Aug. 18 | Sturgeon moon

                                          Sept. 16 | Harvest moon

                                            Oct. 16 | Hunter’s moon

                                           Nov. 14 | Beaver moon

                                           Dec. 13 | Cold moon 


The Buck Stops Here – The phrase is closely connected with President Truman, but how?

Later today, President Barack Obama will visit the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution. His visit will make him the first sitting President to visit a federal prison.

President Harry S. Truman also has a connection to El Reno - his famous “Buck Stops Here” sign was made at the prison and was given to him by the prison warden. 

Discover the back story at our new Google Cultural Institute exhibit.

Happy Fourth From An All-American Stud!

Celebrate Independence With The Same Joie De Vivre As This Golden Bear Fresh Out Of San Francisco Bay!

Woof, Baby!


July 1st: Full Moon + Amazing Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

Well, tonight might be one of the most spectacular nights for stargazers in 2015: the Full Moon will rival the beauty of planets Venus and Jupiter, which are in a very close conjunction, almost merging (but this is of course, only if you watch them from Earth, otherwise they are millions of kilometers apart).
July’s Full Moon is known as the “Hay Moon,” “Buck Moon,” or “Thunder Moon.” The nicknames come from the native American tribes which kept track of time by observing the seasons and lunar months. In July, bucks begin to grow, hence the name. This full Moon was also known as the Thunder Moon, because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month. During Full Moon, the Moon rises at sunset, and sets at sunrise, spending all night in the sky.
Another heavenly view tonight are planets Venus and Jupiter, the sky’s second- and third-brightest lights, surpassed only by the moon, which will join together, after sunset, to make for a stunning big bright star into evening. This is one of the closest conjunction of planets in the sky. The two planets got closer and closer during June, and culminated last night, but they will keep their connection tight for the next days.

The Moon will be full at exactly 10:20 p.m. EDT, which translates into 02:20 a.m. GMT, July 2nd.