julie bean

So I’m posting here to make it official and hold myself accountable: this summer I will finally be starting the process of trying to find an agent and getting Julie Bean published. Publishing a book has been my biggest dream my entire life, and Julie’s story means the world to me. I want to share her with the world, and I’m ready to start that process now. Will I get rejection letters back from every agent I contact? Probably, yeah. But I have to start somewhere, and I’m starting right now.


i had a whole thing typed up but tumblr ate it.

basically, most emotional wedding i have ever been to - everyone cried!! it was such a beautiful day and i am so happy for my sister and jimmy!

had to share with you guys first!

more soon!


Stagedoor July 9, 2017

Bean Plant was adorable ❤️He was beautiful and kind and gentle

The notorious RBJ told us she wouldn’t be signing that day but thanked us for being there and was just SO SWEET AND HEIDI-LIKE

JLT sandwich was so kind and genuine and had the best facial expressions

Laundry Dryer had the most subtle and perfect and real smile on her face literally throughout stagedoor like wtf. How does she not pull a muscle in her face with that constant smile ✨

ok, so who is hosting a gala so i can wear this dress again? anyone? lol

i just want to dress up & get fancy for all of the events all of the time. acceptable to wear around the house or no? 😂

and you run, that’s all you’ve ever done

Close your eyes. Smell the forest, earthy and raw and pungent but fresh, too. It’s night; the forest smells different at night somehow, darker and deeper. You feel different at night too, because you’re not supposed to be out here. You know that and yet you’re out here anyway, and that sends tingles down your spine. You wonder if that’s what it feels like to be drunk. Are you drunk? Who knows. Not you, you’re eleven.

You’re with Mia, who probably knows what being drunk feels like, although she’d never tell you. You sometimes have to pry information and secrets out of Mia, but she’s got a ton of them, so it’s worth it.

She pans the flashlight back and forth, sweeping across the forest floor in front of you like she’s searching for something. You follow after her a little ways back, glancing over your shoulder every few minutes, though you’re not sure what you think you’ll see. Mia walks confidently, not seeming to be worried about what might be lurking in dark corners and behind trees.

“Um, Mia?” you call, and she shushes you. “Do you actually know where we’re going?”

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