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Another great graduation film has made its way to the interwebs: Less Than Human, a slice of life mockumentary about quarantined zombies … Beautiful visuals, hilarious comedy, genuinely affecting characters!

Directed by recent character animation graduate Steffen Bang Lindholm with a crack team of CAs and CGs: Ditte Marie Ludvigsen, Lasse Steinbeck, Anna Nissen, Morten Lassen, Matilde Søltoft, Julie Astrup, and Ida Marie Søndergaard.

Go, watch, enjoy!

All I want is a bioshock sitcom.

Like take a minute to imagine all the petty drama that went on in Rapture. Julie Langford was almost shot over some bees, Anna Culpepper, Sander Cohen, and to an extent Grace Holloway verbally bitch-slapped each other in their music all the time, Frank Fontaine gets it on with Brigid Tenenbaum, his employee and the person who discovered the key to Rapture’s downfall.

Just fucking look at Jack! Andrew Ryan’s son he had cheating on his GF with a stripper, who sold the embryo to the ruthless employees of Ryan’s most hated business competition who then dies and comes back with a secret identity.

I mean come on it’s all sitcom worthy if not telenovela.


Defiance Appreciation Week Day 3 - Favorite Quote

“That was who you were; it’s not who you are. This town was built on new beginnings.” – Amanda Rosewater

It’s a simple quote, but I love how much it defines the ideals behind this town that was founded after the entire world changed. So many of the characters have been in bad places or done bad things, but your past does not define you for life, and if you want to, you can start over in Defiance and try to be the best person you can be. Every one of the heroes on this show has their demons, their setbacks, and a tragic wartime past. They all make mistakes and morally gray choices, but they want to make the most of themselves.


Last week I went to see the 60th anniversary production of My Fair Lady at the Sydney Opera House. It was directed by Julie Andrews and everything was faithful to the original production with the sets and costumes replicated exactly. The Ascot scene was magnificent. The cast was led by Alex Jennings who was the perfect Henry Higgins. I have been watching him in a lot of things lately and was quite chuffed that I got to see him live. Eliza was played by Anna O’Byrne who has a brilliant voice. Her exuberance when she had finally mastered her accent was a joy to watch. I feel quite privileged to have the chance to see this production.