julie and amelia

We own this city, every stone – a Murray and Dodson gangster AU

After murdering her cheating husband, Gill Murray inherits his Manchester underworld empire. Fiery and tempestuous, she soon draws the attention of the cautious but ruthless Julie Dodson, Dave’s firecest rival. Only instead of continued warfare, the two women find themselves drawn to each other instead, and what begins as an alliance intended to stabilise their businesses soon turns into something quite different…

You Remind Me of Everything I Love

So sorry I’ve been absent lately! I’m finally able to devote more time to writing again and plan on answering the few prompts I have this week! Continue to send them in, I love seeing the ideas you guys have!

So this what happens when your brain morphs red, white and blue and babies. Enjoy my little spectacle of a story!  This one is for you ears-awake-eyes-opened

If it was possible he heard her delicate, yet booming laugh over the loud boom of the fireworks. He glanced over to where she was sitting next to him as she bounced Ellie on her lap, the one year old unusually enthralled by the colors in the sky and not the loud booming noise.  His eyes moved one more seat over to see Meredith sitting with Zola, the little girl excitedly pointed out all the different shades of colors to her mother.

He felt a little body curl into him and looked down to see Bailey leaning into his shoulder, covering ears. He placed a hand against his back soothingly as Amelia glanced over with a worried expression.

 “Hey, its okay bud.  I know they’re loud.   But look how far away they are. See?” he suggested as he pointed up and the little boy followed his finger, seeming slightly more convinced they were at a safe distance. “Look there’s a green one!”

 Bailey unclasped his hands from his ears and inhaled excitedly. “Green’s my favorite color!

“Really?” questioned Owen, clearly faking shock for the little boy. “Mine too.”

 Bailey clapped excitedly as the next firework went off, both Amelia and Meredith throwing Owen a look of appreciation for amending what could have been a major meltdown. Amelia smiled as she continued to watch the two of them, Owen pointing out the fireworks as they lit up the sky while Bailey laughed and admired them.

 You remind me of everything I love
Yeah; you remind me of everything I love

The straw underneath this blanket
and the stars that catch your eyes
and the moment where you are closer by my side

They both crept into their apartment later that evening, a stray firework still being fired off here and there. They had left Meredith’s house after she had put the kids in bed.

“You know its nights like these I’m glad we don’t live in the trailer anymore. That metal shack would shake in the smallest of thunderstorms, I’m not sure it would’ve survived the fourth.” he said with a laugh as he deposited his keys on the kitchen counter.

 He watched as Amelia nodded, clearly not really listening, her hands nervously brushing against the blue t-shirt dress she had worn in some attempt to be festive. She had insisted he try as well, for the kid’s sake, so he had amused her and put on a red button up, rolling the sleeves up. He had to admit it was pretty spectacular to see Zola and Bailey both excitedly point out they were dressed like a flag.

“You okay?” he asked as she looked up and nodded fiercely. “You sure? You’ve been pretty quiet since after the fireworks.”

 “I need to tell you something.” she said as she walked closer to him, her hands clasped nervously together.

 “Okay….” he said hesitantly, not understanding what she could possibly be so nervous about.  His mind began to race, Amelia never overreacted, she sometimes barely reacted, so for her to be this distraught over something it couldn’t be good.  Death. Sickness. Horrible twists of faith.  Terrible thoughts immediately clouding his brain. But he couldn’t do that; he had to be strong for her.

 “Whatever it is. We’ll figure it out.” he assured her, as she was suddenly right in front of him, her hands resting against his chest.

 “I want a baby.”

 She had just blurted it out, her body visibly recoiling at how her brain had worked faster then her mouth, one of her hands going to her head in total disapproving how she had reacted.

 He looked at her for a moment, Amelia stood waiting for him to freak out. They weren’t married. Or engaged. They had barely been living together for six months. She knew it sounded ridiculous.  She waited, as he suddenly let out this loud laugh. She looked at him crazily, as he continued to laugh and then she swat at him.

 “Owen! It’s not funny.” she said as watched him stifle his laughter and he shook his head. “I say baby and you just laugh?!”

 “That’s not why I’m laughing.” He assured her as his laughter turned into a smile. “You just made it seem like this horrible terrible thing. I was preparing myself for the worst.” he said.

 “So…. You want a baby too?” she asked nervously.

 He laughed again as she looked at him bewildered. He leaned in, his lips covering hers as she visibly relaxed into the kiss. She felt her arms snake around his neck as they both pulled away, their faces inches apart.

 “Of course I want a baby with you. I want everything with you.” he admitted, as she felt a smile form on her face. She leaned in again, kissing him gently before pulling away letting out a small sigh.

 “Okay good. That’s good. That’s maybe not what I should have led with though….” her voice wavering nervously, as Owen looked at her confused again. “What I should have said is, I want a baby…. Because we’re getting one.”

He leaned back out of the embrace slightly, looking at her shock clearly written on his face. She felt herself want to sink into their carpeted floor.  He meant he wanted a baby one day. Not today. Or in her case eight months from now.

 “What?” he finally asked after a minute of silence. “You’re pregnant?”

 Amelia nodded nervously as she pulled away from him and nervously started walking in front of him, her hands going to her hips.

 “I wasn’t going to tell you. I was going to wait. Because I haven’t wanted to be excited about it yet. Because its early, really early… and I have a history with horrible things happening to me. And we jut figured all of this out.” she said as she motioned between him and herself.

 “So I was going to wait. Until I knew for sure that I wasn’t going to lose the baby or that it was missing an arm or a leg or had swallowed its twin. But then I saw you with Bailey today. And I realized how much I want of this. How I want you to be sitting with our baby on the fourth of July as she covers her ears in fear and you explain to her how it’s nothing to be afraid of. I want Christmas mornings and stupid holidays, like Flag Day. I want this baby. I want all of it. And I want all of it with you.”

 She waited after she finished practically word vomiting all over him, she watched as he continued to just stare at her. She let out this exasperated sigh, clearly feeling better at what she had admitted to, but realizing he wasn’t on the same page. She was two seconds away from high tailing it out of the apartment when suddenly he was in front of her and then kissing her.

 She nearly fell at his quick movement, her hands going around his waist to steady herself. He pulled back as he dropped to his knees, reaching out he quickly pushed the hem of her dress up.

 “Owen! What the hell are you….” she started to say before she was cut off by his lips going to her stomach. She could have melted. He was perfect. This was perfect.  She laughed as he peppered kisses all around her stomach. He finally pulled away, dropping her dress again as he looked up at her, his eyes shining with unshed tears.

 “We’re having a baby.”

 She nodded excitedly, as she allowed herself to smile about the whole thing. She dropped to her own knees as she put her hands on his face, her body nearly shaking from the excitement of the past few moments.

 “We’re having a baby.”

 a smile thats so much bigger
than the smiles that i have seen
and it makes me realize
that there is so much more than what I have seen

Oh happy day {8th July’79}

Amelia returned from Mungo’s pretty late in the night, with a bottle of prosecco in one hand and her office bag in the other. “E.B.?” She called out for him quietly, hoping she wasn’t disturbing Barty. She just wanted to celebrate her happiness with him even though she looked pretty tired, still in her Ministry robes but, a wide smile glued to her face.