• Just a coupla cuties playing in the dreamy Light and waves. 
  • I’m missing the ocean today. 
  • I love my Polaroids a lot. 
  • Alabama, you were good to us. 
  • I think I’m more in love with photography and its many capabilities now than I have ever been. 
  • Life is good. 
  • God; You’re just unpredictable. And glorious. And some days I have trouble keeping up, but ultimately I am wholly happy and absolutely grateful for everything, every hiccup and every obstacle. Life has brought me to a very magnificent place and I wouldn’t trade this little adventure for anything.

top 3 by caitlacoop, bottom by juliazurn.

my best friend

is here. there is a fire. we are drinking fireball and cider. there are baked rosemary fries in the oven. pride and prejudice is on. and i’m wrapping up this year’s wedding stuff and preparing for the next and anticipating everything the next year will bring. i’m feeling obnoxiously blessed right now.

my best friend

Has been sending me on a 9 Days of Christmas scavenger hunt and it’s glorious and she’s glorious and she wins best friend of the year award. I can’t even. I’m so blessed by her friendship. 😭🙌