julias art


THIS IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTANDING THIS COMIC: this is part of a serious autobio series I started months back to document my gender transition. These took place months ago, during the early days, when I was very visibly trans. I’d only been on hormones for 5 months.

June 5th, 2016. Back then, I could only start to see myself if I was wearing makeup, it helped highlight my more feminine features. The end of the day was terrible. I still had a ways to go with laser so I’d see a patchy beard shadow too, which didn’t help any. Using makeup to see a more feminized version of myself felt like a double-edged sword. It just felt like I was getting my hopes up on a daily basis, but I needed to do it for my own peace of mind.

TAZ Lady Week, Day 4: Canon Divergence

What if Julia worked for the Raven Queen and she was the one sent to collect Lucas’ soul? It would!!! Have been so good!! Julia, who absolutely understands what Lucas and Maureen have done now that she is standing in front of her husband again, Julia who absolutely shares Magnus’ sense of honor and duty and has to make the agonizing decision to do her job anyway!!! I’m crying