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This month’s theme for @fe-communitydesign is Light/Dark, so of course I immediately thought of Genealogy of the Holy War. I also saw a certain Julia image recently that gave me the idea of a role reversal… After all, it certainly isn’t the Book of Naga that Julia has here. Sorry Seliph, looks like more than just hair colour (and items) was passed down through blood.


‘Sesame Street’ is bringing Julia, an autistic muppet , to the show

  • Sesame Street has a new muppet on the block.
  • On Sunday’s 60 Minutes, Julia, an autistic muppet, was introduced as the newest addition to the decades-old children’s television show’s cast. 
  • After first appearing as Elmo and Abby’s playmate in a 2015 digital storybook for autistic children, Julia will be featured as a regular character starting in April 2017, Vulture reported.
  • The fact that Julia is a girl seems significant, as some researchers believe autistic girls are under-diagnosed. Read more (3/20/17 12 PM)

I see your “Julia survived instead of Magnus” AUs and I raise you a Chalupa and a Hekuba as her adventuring buddies …Trois Rowdy Gurls, anyone?