||Easy Does It|| - ||Julian & Aileen Para||

Aileen sighed as she rummaged through the things in her old room, trying to separate a few things while keeping others. At the moment, she found herself alone in the Xiao Household which she was incredibly thankful for. She didn’t need to be asked questions on why her behavior was suddenly different or why she was she suddenly visiting without a call so that there would be someone there waiting for her to arrive. As of now, the dancer just needed time for herself, time for her head to clear and time to move on from the events that had happened in the past two weeks. 

But why was it so hard to move on from it?

Tossing some old clothes into a cardboard box, Aileen took a marker and began to write “Give Away” on the brown surface. As the blonde moved onto another box, she sudden heard the door open - make her jump a bit. How come she didn’t hear anybody come home? Seeing that it was Julian, Aileen sighed - relaxing slightly. “Oh, hey… You scared me there for a moment…”

The Xiao Brothers' Bonding Time|| Justin & Julian

Justin woke up from his hour long nap. He stretched, yawned, and then looked at his phone. Today Justin felt the need to annoy his little brother. Or at least spend time with him. Julian has been complaining about how he never tells him anything, so he figured talking to him would make him happier. However, the male did not feel like walking to the younger one’s dorm if he wasn’t there. So instead, he sent the younger one a text. “Hey little boy >:D Where are you?” He sent.