||Closure Between Siblings|| - ||Aileen and Julian Para||

Aileen felt bad that it’s been over a month since she and her younger brother had last spoken to one another. Ever since she told him about her engagement to Spencer, they’ve been sort of distant. Of course, the dancer didn’t take this personally. She knew it must have been a shock for Julian to find out that his one and only sister was getting married, and at nineteen at that. However, the recent distance between the both of them made the blonde uncomfortable. She didn’t like feeling tension with her friends or family, especially her brothers. Wanting to speak about it with Julian, the older girl picked up her cell phone and sent him a brief text. Hopefully, he wouldn’t decline it. “Little bro~ Jie jie is hungry. Are you busy? Let’s go out for some KBBQ~!”

The Xiao Brothers' Bonding Time|| Justin & Julian

Justin woke up from his hour long nap. He stretched, yawned, and then looked at his phone. Today Justin felt the need to annoy his little brother. Or at least spend time with him. Julian has been complaining about how he never tells him anything, so he figured talking to him would make him happier. However, the male did not feel like walking to the younger one’s dorm if he wasn’t there. So instead, he sent the younger one a text. “Hey little boy >:D Where are you?” He sent.

||News with Spicy Tofu Soup|| - ||Julian & Aileen||

Aileen had just finished her cooking lesson with Spencer’s mom and was on her way back to the apartment that she and Spencer shared when she decided to pay her little brother a visit at the male dorms. It’s been a few weeks since she had last spoken to him and thought that the younger male would appreciate a home-cooked meal seeing as she knew that Julian had a habit of buying take out almost every day; at times likes these, the dancer was glad that she always made extra when it comes to food.

Stepping out of her car and grabbing one of the big containers filled with the sundubu jjigae, Aileen walked out of the dorm parking lot and towards her brother’s room - slightly pouting at the small ache in her feet. However, the small discomfort was nothing compared to the anxiousness she was feeling at the moment. The brunette knew that she had to confess to her family sooner or later about her engagement to Spencer. The only thing stopping her really was how her family would take it. Knowing that Julian would have a more mellowed out reaction towards her news (hopefully), Aileen decided she should at least tell her younger brother of all people. Now finding herself at Julian’s bedroom door, Aileen knocked on it - hoping he was there. “Julian~ It’s jie jie~” She called out with smile. “I brought food~”

||Easy Does It|| - ||Julian & Aileen Para||

Aileen sighed as she rummaged through the things in her old room, trying to separate a few things while keeping others. At the moment, she found herself alone in the Xiao Household which she was incredibly thankful for. She didn’t need to be asked questions on why her behavior was suddenly different or why she was she suddenly visiting without a call so that there would be someone there waiting for her to arrive. As of now, the dancer just needed time for herself, time for her head to clear and time to move on from the events that had happened in the past two weeks. 

But why was it so hard to move on from it?

Tossing some old clothes into a cardboard box, Aileen took a marker and began to write “Give Away” on the brown surface. As the blonde moved onto another box, she sudden heard the door open - make her jump a bit. How come she didn’t hear anybody come home? Seeing that it was Julian, Aileen sighed - relaxing slightly. “Oh, hey… You scared me there for a moment…”

||More Sibling Bonding|| - ||Aileen & Julian||

Aileen pouted as she examined her now wrapped ankle. She had just gotten back from the hospital, deciding it was best that she had her injury checked out rather than suffer through the pain silently. The injury itself wasn’t bad as she thought. It was a simple sprain with some bruising, but nothing that will end her career in dancing. She could barely imagine how she would feel if that were the case. With a small sigh, the blonde leaned back on the wooden bench she was sitting on - taking a break from her crutch. It was exhausting trying to walk with one foot, especially when Aileen was told that she can worsen the injury if she applied any unnecessary pressure on her foot. Her pout deepened. She should have asked Spencer or one of her brothers to come along with her, but her pride wouldn’t have it. So instead, she silently sulked to herself - waiting for the right time to start moving again. It was times like these that she wished her dorm was closer.