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So @bloody-bee-tea and I were talking IronPanther, as we do basically every day now, and basically agreed that we need some nightmare h/c, because Tony has awful nightmares and we have yet to see anyone comfort him through this shit. So it needed to be done.

I scrounged the wiki for names of people in Wakanda. Like, actual named characters were kind of hard to find, and I’ve never read the comics, so if I fucked anything up badly I’m very very sorry.

This definitely ended up taking place in the Shifter!Verse, btw, and the basic premise is - T’Challa shifts into an actual panther, Tony kind of bolted a bit because, surprise, he’s also a shifter. A crow-shifter in fact, which are general looked down on and hated and definitely not good partner material for panther-shifters, let along king panther-shifters. T’Challa gives no fucks about this. (He in fact has plans to start a revolution basically to change how crow-shifters are seen. Tony is not-so-secretly touched and honored about that.)

Also, obviously, there are nightmares in this so, idk, nightmarish happenings warning?


Tony fell asleep on the couch, and slept right on through T’Challa getting up to go to one of his many meetings. He slept through some of the staff coming in to work, quietly moving around him and talking in hushed murmurs. Tony was stuck deep in his dreams.

Trapped in them.

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Here’s the fic for another of the three winners, @fxrkstrz666, who wanted TJ and happiness. Apparently part of that happiness came in the form of a little fluffy orange ball of fur, hope that’s alright!


Five weeks after Doug and Annie’s wedding, and TJ was… doing okay. He was managing, for the time at least. He was trying to just take each day as it came, each hour a goal to make, and… he was managing.

He sometimes had a hard time sitting still. He’d go for walks, hood pulled high over his face, head down. Any time of day, or night.

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for @bloody-bee-tea because she wanted fluff and as the one that dragged me into IronFalcon hell, I think she’s allowed to demand I contribute content to our little ship.


Blowing up the suits for Pepper was just a bandaid, and they both knew it. It lasted about two months, until Tony’s nightmares were so vicious and Pepper felt so guilty that they were both complete wrecks.

Tony was the one that did the breaking up. He didn’t want to hurt her anymore. He couldn’t tell if her tears were from relief or pain, and maybe she didn’t know either because she clutched him close, but was moved out by the next afternoon.

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i-ship-tonystark-with-happiness  asked:

trope - rivals to lovers who remain rivals!!

How Likely am I to Write it: Haha pretty high, I think? Like c’mon, think of all the tension of the rivals who are attracted to each other or become attracted to each other - and they just keep up that rivalry because they enjoy it so much!

What Characters/Pairing I’d Most Likely Write it For: Oh gosh, I could probably finangle it to work for almost any pairing I write, but focusing on characters… I bet you it’d be a fun Nat and Bucky one, you know? Rivals to lovers who remain rivals, lol. It’d be like foreplay to them. It might be a fun like, MIT era AU Tony and Rhodey fic, too, lol. I’d probably go with the last one more than the first one, just because I love writing Tony and Rhodey AUs, not that I do it that often, but yeah.

@bloody-bee-tea was having a not-awesome day, so I wrote her some happy fluffy IronFalcon.


Sam waited on the second level of the parking garage, car idling.

It’d been almost eight months since he’d last seen Tony. That was most definitely too long - and not just because every time they had to separate again meant it was too long since they’d seen each other last. Sam didn’t regret it, not in the sense that he didn’t want the relationship, or would have chosen not to get into it if he could have a do-over. He did regret the strain it put on both of them, how much it made them hurt.

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anonymous asked:

fanfic thrope: rival assassins who are unknowingly married

How Likely am I to Write it: VERY, though I’d be worried the whole time that I was straying too close to Mr and Mrs Smith, you know? lolol.

What Characters/Pairing I’d Most Likely Write it For: LOL if you suggested it and it was a pairing I liked and was mostly familiar with, I’d probably do it. Probably any Tony pairing, though honestly I wouldn’t normally think of Tony as a rival assassin, hmm. A serious AU for Stormpilot could be fun lol. Like a “modern” AU or something. Obviously Bucky/Nat would work - or Nat/Clint, too.

everyworldneedslove's prize fic-drabble thing

She, of course, asked for the OT3, Sandbox or any verse, so long as it included Steve having a tough time and Tony and Bucky deciding to take care of and comfort him, since he does it for them often enough. She specifically called it hosting a “Steve Appreciation Day.”

Hope this satisfies.


Steve was exhausted.

It had been on thing after another. He should have known it was coming, with how calm things had been for the past few months. Still, it had been a week-long, intensive mission that was almost FUBAR (Sam claimed it had been, but Steve had seen worse), crazy intern scientists in Central Park (it almost always seemed to be Central Park, damn it), what felt like endless press conferences, backing up the Fantastic Four, a frustrating debrief that took almost an entire day to get through….

He had circles under his eyes. He’d dozed off almost into his eggs that morning. All Steve wanted was to fall into bed and sleep for a week.

Instead, he had a base to investigate in Jersey.

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Finished editing chapter four part one and augh

just, you know when you write something you didn’t expect to turn out good and then it did and now you love it to death?

That is all of chapter four, all of it! I like part 1 better than part 2 but you know, to me they are my best parts of my fanfic

okay, yeah, enough of me rambling! I just can’t wait to post this tomorrow!!

So hey guys I decided to give you all a snippet of the 24 chapter long Kogan fanfiction I’m writing.

I know pink. wow, such a manly color.

Anyway, I’m happy because I just finished chapter 1 c:! 7 pages, 3,800 words.

That’s like 4% of the total story done?

…Well at least I’m driven. :‘D This is probably the biggest project of fanfiction I’ve ever decided to take on

and if it’s a success I guess I’ll post it on FF.net c: