julianne moore on set


“Dockery is a face-puller, an impressionist, a giggler. She impersonates herself squawking out Whitney Houston in karaoke (‘How will I knooow’), breaks suddenly into sobs as she shows me how she used to cheekily manipulate teachers at school, and slips into a perfect American accent to mimic Julianne Moore, a Downton devotee, on the set of their film. At drama school, she played for laughs until the term they put on a Chekhov piece and the teacher made her repeat a tough scene in rehearsal until she burst into tears: ‘I was a bit clowny, and they had to kind of knock that out of me.’ Luckily, they didn’t fully succeed. Dockery still clowns, and when she laughs, which is often, her smile is so wide that her whole face crinkles and contorts around it." 

Happiness is that very classic thing of being content with who you are and what you’re doing. I think that’s what I’ve learned— that if I’m content, then my outlook on everything is good.

Happy birthday Michelle Suzanne Dockery!!! (December 15th, 1981)