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a fem!e/R fanmix using only female covers | listen

1. say something (a great big world cover) - jasmine thompson | 2. wicked game (chris isaak cover) - gemma hayes | 3. vienna (billy joel cover) - arianna grande | 4. use somebody (kings of leon cover) - laura jansen | 5. white blank page (mumford and sons cover) - julianna daily | 6. wild horses (the rolling stones cover) - elizabeth gillies | 7. i can’t make you love me (bonnie raitt cover) - shaylen carroll | 8. let her go (the passengers cover) - jasmine thompson


Season 6 premiere countdown challenge: 4 days left

Day 12: the “I’m flexible” conversation

Alicia: But…I’d like to try to make it work. It’s just that everything… it has to be…on the table. I can’t be the only one being forthcoming. I can’t be the only one being honest. Can… you do that?

Kalinda: Yeah.


I’m confused.
Are we supposed to:
a. forget the fact that they haven’t been interacting for more than 2 years and pretend they are friends? -6x17
b. believe that Alicia thinks about Kalinda/Peter ONS every time she sees her name? -6x14
c. continue raising expectations because the decision to keep the two characters apart “is very much intentional to raise expectations”? (x)