juliane yates


Favourite Star Trek Episodes - Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)

Maybe we’re nothing more than figments of his imagination. For all we know, at this very moment, somewhere, far beyond all those distant stars, Benny Russell… is dreaming of us. 

  • peach: i love awkward-question-julian in dd9 or ds9 or any verse
  • ...
  • Lady Yate-xel: I love that too
  • Lady Yate-xel: and most of the time, Garak does as well
  • Lady Yate-xel: Julian has moments when he'll just forget what his body is doing because his brain wants to know something
  • peach: right? right!!
  • peach: and garak is one of the few people in the world who will be like
  • peach: uhhhh????
  • peach: really
  • peach: right now??
  • peach: ummm... okay, sure
  • peach: sure, let's talk about iloja of prim
  • peach: let me find my pants