juliane meyer

When it comes to down to loving a football player or choosing one or the other I’m such a hoe I can’t just choose one I’m unloyal but loyal at the same time


I only follow a few football blogs. If you’re part of these fandoms rb and i’ll follow you.

- BVB ( or some bvb players)
- Atletico Madrid (or some atleti players)
- Juventus (or some juve players)
- Mats Hummels
- Robert Lewandowski
- Jonas Hector
- Daley Blind
- Harry Winks
- Mesut Özil
- Max Meyer
- Alexis Sanchez
- Julian Brandt

Thank you all very much

Whenever I start stanning a new football player they’re with daddy hot looking or they’re my child , either way I will protect them at all costs

My Favorites.

Once again here is my monthly post of the imagines and chapters I really enjoyed writing this past month. I just want to say thank you to everyone that reads my writing. You have no idea how happy it makes me to read your messages and see you all like the posts you enjoy. It truly means a lot to me that people enjoy something I love doing. Also a big thanks to the writers on this site who continue to inspire me with their own greatness. Hope you all enjoy either re-reading some of these posts or finding a new favorite!

Pursuit of Happiness (Álvaro Morata), James Dean Daydream (Claudio Marchisio), Don’t Think They Know (Cristiano Ronaldo), Going…Down? (Cristiano Ronaldo), Off To The Races (Cristiano Ronaldo), Missing Ring (Eden Hazard), And Her Name Is Me (Fernando Llorente), Writings On The Wall (Gareth Bale), Lucky Ones (Julian Draxler), Mr. & Mrs. Reus + 3 (Marco Reus), National Anthem (Marco Reus), A Case of Mistaken Identity (Marco Reus), Don’t Listen To What People Say (Mats Hummels), Fire & Rain (Max Meyer), Interior / Interior, Part 2 (Mesut Özil), First Class Fright (Neymar Jr.), The World’s Worst Babysitter (Rafinha Alcântara), Count On Me (Rafinha Alcântara), Possessive (Raphaël Varane), Prom? (Sergio Ramos), We All Try / We All Try, Part 2 / We All Try, Part 3 (Thiago Alcântara), Pretend (Toni Kroos), Study Abroad (Viktor Fischer), chapter seven / chapter ten / chapter eleven (Illusion Story)

I’ve written many more imagines this month which can be found in my masterlist here. Feel free to message me your feedback or tell me how much you loved an imagine or how much you love Álvaro Morata now because of my writing.