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Out of the last decade or so, what would you say has been your favorite movie released, and then what was your favorite scifi movie? Bonus points for books too :0c

My favorite book of the last decade was, without a doubt, Ancillary Justice. (I feel like I’ve become terribly repetitive when it comes to books - I can converse pretty well about current SF/F, but it always comes back to Ancillary Justice.)

Oooh boy, movies are tougher. Star Wars will always own my heart, so The Force Awakens is exempt from the competition by virtue of its close personal relationship with the judge. That leaves Fury Road, which won me over with its sandy, rapid-fire, but crystal clear action scenes. For non-franchise movies I really liked Pacific Rim and The Host (Bong Joon-ho).

I feel like I’m forgetting something less bombastic, although my taste does run toward monsters…

Oh! Midnight Special, a beautiful piece of weird Americana with Adam Driver.

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Anyone do Mr. Freeze yet for character impressions? If not, then do 'im up bruv

First Impression: Again, Batman: 10 Stories. I think I was vaguely disturbed by how inhuman he looked, and I remember him doing… something involving the weather, I guess?

Impression Now: BTAS’ greatest triumph (at least in the done-in-one sphere)… and mostly a waste of space in the mainstream DCU. Shoehorning the Dini origin into the comics (where stories never fucking end and characters are never allowed to change) was an awful idea.

Favorite Moment: “Heart of Ice” aside, I’ve actually got a tremendous soft spot for his first outing on the Adam West show, which painted him as a genuinely classy (albeit evil) guy in a horrible situation.

Idea for a Story: Kill him. Don’t care how, don’t care why, it can’t possibly be worse than that Lazara bullshit.

Unpopular Opinion: I gotta whole blog post about this.

Favorite Relationship: I’d say Nora, but she rarely gets three lines in any Freeze origin and is really more a motivation than a proper character, so Imma go with Black Mask.

Favorite Headcanon: Arkham has a running pool of theories on how exactly he goes to the bathroom.

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♆ !

Disclaimer: This was written before the official release of For Honor’s campaign mode. Watch Ubisoft destroy my headcanon come February 14.

Updated since the release! Fortunately, most of my headcanon remained intact, but her height and weight have changed since seeing comparisons with her and the Warden and doing a bit more research into bodyweight of powerlifters.

Headcanon meme: Send ♆ for a BODY headcanon.  ||  A C C E P T I N G !

   Apollyon is a monster of a woman standing at 6′11″, 235 lbs. 6′5″, 265 lbs. and built like a tank. I like using world champion strongwoman and powerlifter Jill Mills as an example of her body structure and tone. Apollyon can indeed slim down and reach cut leanness, but being in the field and active as she is, she prefers to maintain a healthy bit of fat and curve to her fame. No one, however, would argue that’s she’s certainly not carrying an absolutely incredible amount of muscle mass.

   But strength does not come without a price, and she is not fast, which has led to numerous scars and injuries to her body from her enemies that have managed to slip past her guard (many in her youth).

   There is a large, vertical scar running the length of her spine, a deep, gnarled keloid running from the left of her bottom lip to the bottom right of her chin, and a chunk of her upper lip missing. Her right eye has corneal scarring from a previous battle, which causes a minimal haze that does affect her vision, but not enough to cause blindness. Her knuckles are forever abraded from frequent training in armor and sword fighting. She is not afraid to use her own body as a shield if it means winning a battle and coming out on top.

   In general, though, Apollyon sees her body as a weapon, and she does her best to keep it functioning properly, even well past middle age.

Political cartoon inspired by that thing you did a while back. Drawn by the esteemed Juliandroid!

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Hope you like it!

This is simply FANTASTIC!! And I simply adore the little details and choice of characters (Don’t think I didn’t see Harley close to the table. Now that says a lot about the character’s popularity.)

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Do you think cr1tikal uses a voice changer b/c like I can't see that voice coming from that face

i think he’s been blessed with too many good things tbh: deep voice? check? funny? check. cute as hell? check. radical bongo skills? triple fucking check

this isnt FAIR

Fucking… octopuses, man. Why do they have eight legs? And why do squids have TEN? Or like eight lil’ ones and two really fuckin’ big ones, whatever, you know what the fuck I mean. Who needs that many legs? I’m just…


If I got into a fight with an octopus, who do you think would win?”

I got the Clone Wars magazine I ordered for this Infinities story about Ventress

*vibrates intensely* I’d read this novel

The tone of the TCW magazine is endearingly conspiratorial - “What will happen next season? We don’t know either…” and the great, almost religious-sounding certainty of “she could never defeat Anakin or Obi-Wan as a mere dark sider.”