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ship ask: the ot3 <3

asfhjkdsfl let’s find out how well these questions work for poly couples.


How did they they meet?

Georgie and Cole technically grew up neighbors, though they never spoke when they were kids. In the big rescue attempt, Georgie gets knocked out by Adam and left to drown in the river by his family’s old estate. Cole saves his life.

I’ve been tweaking this part actually, so let me know what you think - Georgie goes on the big secret mission with Will and Kit (the one where they meet Leo, Juliana, Nyra etc.) but Cole stays home. He feels very alone in Halcyon, because it’s still sort of a new and big change for him living in the city, and with all his friends gone, he just really misses his family and the countryside. Wenjun arrives in Halcyon as part of an ambassadorial party from north. She’s friendly, Cole misses his friends… they bond instantly. When Georgie gets back from the mission he’s super off-put by their close friendship, but who can say whether it’s “my best friend’s new girlfriend” jealousy or “my crush’s new girlfriend” jealousy. Needless to say, he doesn’t warm immediately to Wenjun.

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