I. Peter Guillam / Hector Dixon

II. Khan Noonien Singh / Arthur Dent

III. Julian Assange / Oliver Chamberlain

IV. Sherlock Holmes / John Watson

V. Richard III (Benedict) / Richard III (Martin)

Ok, a few notes on these designs. Maxime and I both like Anole and Pixie so much that the designs were agreed from the beginning, but with these 2 we made a couple of changes:

-For Gentle, I first thought of earth tones and greens and Maxime suggested a tuareg deep blue. I tried both, and the earth tones one looked too militaristic… not good for Nezhno. I think the orage helps keeping it a bit bright and at the same time, it looks tribal.

-Hellion was a bit easier, we agreed on a “tuxedo” look, and from there we went golf club, the deep violet hints a bit at the classic Hellions look.

If you like what we´ve been doing so far… stay tunned. We are cooking something…

Designs and lineart: Maxime Garbarini.
Inks and colour: Me

One Direction's new single Steal My Girl - Let's have a think about what the lyrics might be


Just incase you’d forgotten, in a matter of days we’ll all be listening to One Direction’s brand new single Steal My Girl on repeat, memorising the lyrics like your souls depend on it and then singing them every single day for the rest of your lives. The funny bit is that that’s not even an exaggeration, is it?

But you know me, I’m quite an impatient soul, and rather than waiting to hear the magic of Wayne Hector, John Ryan, Julian Bunetta, Ed Drewett, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne’s extraordinary song writing talents, I thought I’d have a go myself. HERE’S MY VERSION OF STEAL MY GIRL FOR YOU.

Verse 1: Liam
I got this beautiful girl, yeah her name is Sophia
But I gotta tell you now, I gotta make this crystal clear
I’m the only one allowed to give her wedgies on a boat 
‘Stupid boy smelly pasta house’, that’s my best ever quote
Not sure why that matters but in conclusion to this verse
You can’t steal my girl ‘cause you are infinitely worse (than me).

Verse 2: Niall
I might be a single pringle at this moment in time
But one day I’ll have a girlfriend, yeah I’m gonna make her mine
And if anyone ever tried to steal her from me
N-O  C-H-A-N-C-E, yeah I’ll spell it phonetically
Although if it was a choice between a lady and some McNuggets
I’d have to go for the chicken, but we could probably hug it… ouuuuut.

Verse 3: Louis
Happy days, I got my girl, we’ve been together for a while
She’s obsessed with Starbucks and we never really smile
We’re too cool for all that stuff, but we’ve made it through the rough
It’s Elounour til the end so you can run back to your friend
I’m too fabulous for you and I’ll be forced to unleash the sass
If you go anywhere near my girlfriend’s lovely BOTTOM.

Verse 4: Zayn (Middle 8 rap, obvs)
Pezza is my lady, Bradford Bad Boi - new slim shady
It’s in her D-D-D-NA, baby gurl she takes my breath away
But if you take her from me, the only Midnight MemoRIES
You’ll be getting is a black eye from el Maliko, yo.
I tell ya she’s my bae, so you just run away
Or I’ll throw a hairbrush at you and that. Word.

Verse 5: Harry
Hoooooold oonnnnnn, can’t we bring all this tension to an end?
We all came to have a good time, so we should really make amends
There’ll be no stealing of young ladies, she’s her own property
She can make her own decisions and she just came to party
I hate to see you sad, now give me a smile girl
You look so pretty when you’re happy, so look at my glorious curls.


(Bridge) There’s this goober in the club, and he’s getting fresh and feely
He’s touching my girl’s bum, I’d knock him out ideally

He’s trying to steal my girl and I just can’t eeeeeven
So it’s a really good job that I belieeeeeve in
Being hooooooonest about matters of the heart, SO
We are One Direction, and let’s make a correction
Our girls won’t be getting stolen my another other guys
‘Cause to be honest I could steal your girl in the blink of an eye, YEAH.

Expecting the call to say that this has replaced the original version any minute now.

Technology Tuesday: Q&A with Julian Hector

Julian Hector is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who grew up in the Austin area. His first book, The Little Matador, was written during his senior year at Parsons the New School for Design. Since then he has gone on to illustrate a string of picture books, including The Gentleman Bug, which he also wrote, Monday is One Day with Arthur A. Levine, and C.R.Mudgeon by Leslie Muir. And his creations are just as appealing in his recent highly digital style (just check out the header icons on his website) as they are in his pieces that use more traditional media. Check out what he has to say on using technology in his work.

What percentage of your illustration process relies on technology? I’d say about 30% and growing.  I’m starting to work with pure digital illustrations again, and I’ve always used basic photoshop tweaking for scanned artwork.

What applications do you use? The Adobe creative suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, InDesign, and Dreamweaver.

What digital tool would you never want to do without? Command Z; ‘undo’ !!!!

What is your favorite aspect of using technology in illustration? The tweak-ability. Working digitally makes tweaking artwork very quick and easy.  With vector art, specifically (as opposed to pixel based art), I love how easily illustrations can be enlarged and shrunk for different uses, without having to worry about resolution.

What projects in the children’s market are you currently working on and how do you plan to incorporate technology? I’m slowly working on a new picture book that will be completed digitally, titled The Tricycle Mouse.  In college I worked exclusively on the computer and missed using my hands.  To compensate, I let the pendulum swing too far in a hand-drawn direction, but now realize that I want both techniques/styles in my life, even if I risk looking unfocused with split personalities.  At the end of the day, it’s a ‘do what you love’ issue, and I love working both traditionally and digitally.

And for more on Julian Hector, check out his blog.

Monday is One Day by Arthur Levine, illustrated by Julian Hector (Scholastic, 2011).

If you are a working parent, Arthur Levine has created just the right book for you to read together with your kid(s) under a warm blanket on Sunday night.  

This book really stands out because of the choice of illustrations. Just like actual families where one or both parents works, these families are diverse. There is a single mom, single dad, gay dads, straight parents, urban families, rural families, and one African American family. And I suppose that would be one of my quibbles – more families of color would have made Monday is One Day even better. And the other little quibble is the cover – how come the gay couple can’t stand together next to their kid? Hmmm? (Covers of books featuring diverse characters is a whole other story!) 

(Image source: Goodreads)