colinlanephoto The Strokes, January 16, 2001. The first day I met these guys. I had never heard of them when I got the call from British magazine The Face to photograph them. Had no idea every label in the world was after them. But I’d been sent the 3 song demo that had been circulating around London so I was an instant fan. I remember being really broke but I went out and bought some beers and invited the guys over to my tiny apartment. We just got along. First we did the individual Bigshots that were used in the foldout cd sleeve. Then we moved down into my courtyard where this picture was shot. Afterwards we went on adventure and snuck up on the roof of the Essex House Hotel, where we got busted by security immediately but then snuck up on the roof of the Lincoln Building across from Grand Central and got some amazing shots at sunset. Fab said I was the first guy to shoot more than one roll of film on them! A good day.