The signs as Julian Casablancas tweets
  • Aries:"whenever I hear 'never say never' all i can think is 'but u just said it twice?'"
  • Taurus:"fuck zoos"
  • Gemini:"just ranting from my high twyttor horse"
  • Cancer:"why do drug addicts sometimes have such great style?"
  • Leo:"I'm always embarrassed that I like everything at urban outfitter"
  • Virgo:"warning: red bull is cocaine"
  • Libra:"the world must officially stop using the word 'literally'"
  • Scorpio:"It's all just happenstance people. Na'mean? Lol xoxo :) :( ;(-)- - - (vomiting winky-face)"
  • Sagittarius:"who likes clowns?? children in the 1800s maybe??"
  • Capricorn:"to all my friends, no more drunk faxing, this is the year i grow up..."
  • Aquarius:"a firm handjob is worth a thousand tweets"
  • Pisces:"how hot is that vodka robot?"