“Hurry yo slow ass up!”Andrew yells.”Excuse me,is that no pussy I hear!!””No,See what I meant to say was hurry yo beautiful ass up”He smiles.”Yeah,That’s what I thought!”.”We meeting your parents,how am i dressed before you tho!!”Her says fixing his tie.”Nigga,Shut upp and look at me!”.”How do I look?”.”Damn babygirl!You mine I get that,I’m fucking lucky!!’I start blushing like a cherry.’Shut up boy!”I laugh.’Let’s go to their house now.”’Okay”He smiles.

@ The House

“Mom this is delicious!”.”Yes Mrs.Y/L/N it’s great.”Andrew smiles.”So what’s for desert”I ask smiling.”I can think of a few things”Andrew smirks placing his hand on my thigh.Andrew and I gave each other our virginty so ever since then Andrew has been extra horny lately.”You don’t wanna start this game”I whisper.”Your gonna cum first so let’s see who wins.”He smirks.”Fine,”I say rubbing his dick but he slides his hands right up my dress.He doesn’t have to do anything extra because I don’t like the way my butt looks in this dress with panties so I don’t have any on.FML!”He starts putting each of his fingers in me one by one.Bringing them in and out I start jerking him harder.The faster he goes the more food I try to stuff in my mouth so I don’t moan.I was about to put more pasta in my mouth I release all over his fingers and my body shuts down and starts shaking as I roll my head back in pleasure.”Looks like I won what does daddy get?”’He whispers in my ear.”A special treat when we get home but you can help me with desert”I say getting up to walk in the kitchen not realizing the huge squirt stain in my dress.”Andrew quickly gets up to follow me with him touching me making me want him more!”.”Can I help Y/n?’Katie ask.’Thanks for trying to helpful little sis but not today”I smile.’I run to the kitchen.”Don’t come in here until we come out”I scream.Sex is so much better whem you have to be quiet!


This decidated to my baby girl @omahawritings I love you so much and enjoy this I have a Daddy Derek one coming soon!!!!!!!!!