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i don’t know how to insert a readmore in mobile so you’re going to have to deal with this post. bear with me. i don’t understand why ds9 fandom casts garak as some sort of suave oscar wilde daddy dom when he’s clearly the kind of older man who gets trashed at a casino at 3pm on thursdays and tips dabo boys extra to hold him while he cries

the first thing we ever see him do is beeline over to the very shiniest twink from a nation comprised solely of shiny twinks (while he’s fucked up on space oxy btw) like “hey, i usually don’t approach people from space grindr in crowded public places before noon like this, but i haven’t had sex in nine years, so hmu if you ever want to…. ‘visit my tailoring shop’……… as they say.” he’s not that smooth.

imo that’s the very thing that makes g/b so great. like while garak IS technically a dangerous feminine powerful enemy spy, which as we all know is julian bashir’s charmingly bisexual fetish, even when bashir runs into ops for the first time like “I THINK GARAK IS A SPY AND WE CAN LEARN ALL MANNER OF SPY SECRETS FROM HIM” jadzia is immediately like “bro maybe but i’m pretty sure he mostly just wants to s your d.” and it’s actually incredibly magical that it even works!! ONLY fucking julian “teach for america” bashir would look at this portly middle-aged disaster of lizard man like “holy shit, i finally found my very own bond girl, holy shit, my dream.“ i honestly honestly just don’t think people understand the central themes of star trek: deep space nine at all

me: proceeds to call characters/people older than me my son

sometimes the klingon restaurant owner serenades garashir with love ballads on his little space accordion like the dude from lady and the tramp. due to cultural and language barriers he doesn’t understand that they’re supposed to be closeted because their home planets are on opposite sides in an interstellar conflict and also because they are Tele Vision characters and the year is 1995. there has probably never been a closeted klingon ever. he’s very earnest and passionate and the only thing he loves more than food is love. he sings to everyone who comes in on dates. bashir tries to get him to stop at first but then it’s like, whatever…. fuck it…… it’s a small station….. it’s not exactly That secret that they’re together anyway. plus it does make garak smile a little bit even though he pretends to hate it

My Version of ‘Lady Midnight’ Book cover, inspired by new covers of the Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series. :)

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aaaaaaanyway, im really glad that in season four episode ten of star trek: deep space nine (1993) “our man bashir” we finally get to see BASHIR dress GARAK in a cutting-edge menswear ensemble based on a homosexual fantasy he has had in the past, in this case, “spies.” (some of garaks Concepts for bashir over the seasons include: retro terran cosmonaut/god of antiquity sporty chic, The Risa Getaway™ Ken® Doll Who Cucked Me, a pastoral reminisce on handsome stablehands from a youth spent sadly riding lizard horses around father’s country estate, errol flynn stars as ww1 fighter pilot #1) and now here’s julian bashir to add his unique editorial voice to his bf’s wardrobe: “spies.”

how much bond/q erotic fan fiction has bashir posted on his space ao3 account do you reckon

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garak never broke into bashir’s quarters a day in his goddamn life

look. if garak broke in to his fucking home, why does bashir never comment on this? the same julie b who was going to call the Space Police over garak walking in on him playing video games in a place of public accommodations, didn’t have shit to say about the same dude breaking into the place where he SLEEPS?

maybe. different people are particular about different things. but that’s really beside the point tbh. the fact is that in “cardassians” (2x05) we can literally see that bashir is surprised NOT to find garak asleep beside him, but rather standing at the foot of the bed, fully-dressed, in the middle of the night. at the very least, he reacts with surprise to the empty other side of his bed. and why should his empty bed surprise him, other than that he was expecting someone else to be there? ? ??? ???

bashir makes the connection between garak and the bed once more, when garak says they need to go. bashir looks from garak back over to the empty side again, like “yeah, babe, we could go on a drug fueled 3am field trip to gander at some orphans. OR we could ALSO go the Fuck back to sleep…..”

Whitney and Julian are hanging out to watch the night sky together 

Water Lilies: 11/11

one of my other headcanons is that after he and ezri mercifully break up bashir spends a miserable year on earth on “sabbatical” on the o'brien’s couch questioning his life and all of the choices in it. miles is really glad to have him around especially to help with the kids, keiko otoh gives him the distinct Cold Shoulder like “dude i STILL can’t fucking B E L I E V E you broke up with the guy who made all of molly’s doll clothes for free!!! who knitted yoshi 27 pairs of little baby socks that looked like little animal paws!!!!! who always told me my hair looked nice and gave us a friends&family discount on alterations!” like she and garak are still in touch and shit. she had his gay-ass jumpsuit emporium Liked 👍 on Space facebook and still does. keiko on the subspace phone with him from outside the living room like “good news garak…. he’s crying again. uh-huh. yup. yep. he looks really ugly.”

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Also there's this thing with the sea, that has been a huge part. Emma being scared of it, because of her parents and Jules (and the other Blackthorn kids?) loving it, because it reminds them of home and sea demons and stuff being present. Lastly, there's Thule, which was mentioned a couple times in the book. The poem in the beginning of course, but also one of the Seven says something about it..? Thoughts about all this? (pt3)

I love getting questions and have lots of thoughts on this!

I’m turning this into a post because I think a lot of other people might be interested, although it contains a fair amount of trivia, history and folklore…

Disclaimer: My theories are built not just on the Dark Artifices, but from all the previous books as a whole, and will contain SPOILERS (including from Lord of Shadows) if you haven’t read them. These ideas are based solely on book canon.

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do you know what the Very Hottest garashir thing would be. in my humble opinion. garak desperately Begging bashir to do all sorts of Messed Up things to him, like to kick him in the face and break his ribs sexually and shit and bashir like, very kindly/bossily refusing. like, no we’re going to do it just like this (sans major internal trauma) and you’re going to come from it anyway. like yeah, you like that don’t you. you like it when im tender with you. you like it when i’m sweet, huh? you get off being treated carefully, and with respect. really gets you going, doesn’t it? like maybe pulls his hair a little but that’s about it.

anyway i just came in from my evening stroll. it was very nice. how are you.