julian subatoi bashir

McCoy knowing Julian Bashir. 

McCoy constantly seeing Julian at medical conferences because he still attends them. 

McCoy always talking to Julian because the boy is bright for an idiot who thinks frontier medicine is anything but the worst damn thing anyone could ever have the utmost privilege to engage in and he’s so proud of this kid.

McCoy learning of Julian’s status and telling him it ain’t natural that Starfleet would consider punishing a man simply because of something he had no choice in since he’s met Khan twice and the damn fool wasn’t anything to write home about, augment or not. Julian though, he’s a good kid.

McCoy also pointing out that Julian can’t be that augmented if he’s dumb enough to have a crush on a Cardassian spy and still too cowardly to do anything about it.

Leonard Horatio McCoy just being a salty mentor/father figure to Julian Subatoi Bashir.

Your Fave is Problematic: Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir
  • Uses the “frontier” status of his assignment on Deep Space 9 to test exceedingly dangerous, ethically unfounded medical procedures.
  • Doesn’t know what fashion is even if it smacked him in the face.
  • Lies a lot.
  • Can’t flirt worth shit.
  • Has a smug, sanctimonious face.
  • Is literally a GMO. (for all we know he could be a banana or smth)
  • Hair so fluffy like why???

Star Trek DS9 Widescreen - Turning 30

Lookit! Widescreen! Well done, this person!

Also, so much good Garak and so much good Bashir here. Great for podfic practice. And for cackling at bitchery and Bashir-dripping-sarcasm and Garak’s total delighted fascination with how a Lethean attempting to buy restricted merch from Julian Subatoi Upright Officer Bashir is going to turn out. And crankiness about enigma tales, sigh. Enigma tales for you, Bashir. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Julian Subatoi Bashir

I was watching this video the other day but, only a little while ago when I was looking up something or another on the memory-alpha page for Bashir, I remembered this bit where Sid talked about Julian getting a middle name.

He talks about how Bashir isn’t really the Arab one, rather that he is, and he doesn’t really want people to be able to pin point or care where Bashir is from because it doesn’t really matter. He told the writers he didn’t care what middle name they gave Bashir as long as it was impossible to figure out where it was from. 

Thus, Subatoi was chosen and if anyone did a quick google search they will know just as well as I do that the only case of that exact name is the fictional Dr. Bashir. 

However, after a quick addition to my search -


I know that the two names are only somewhat close in spelling but I feel the difference in lettering can be disregarded as neither seem to be names of totally English origin. It’s not uncommon that foreign words or names have a couple different phonetic spellings that may differ greatly (Beijing was once called Peking). 

Not even to mention that several sources quote the name as being Subotai (yellow) as opposed to Subutai (red). 

But, all of this isn’t really the best part of it all. You may note that all the instances of Subutai shown above are about a Mongolian general. And, according to his Wikipedia article, “Subutai was a Mongolian general, and the primary military strategist of Genghis Khan and Ögedei Khan.

Therefore, if we assume that Subotoi is just another phonetic variant of Subutai or Subotai, we can also say that in a very odd and round about way:

This genetically enhanced man:

Can be linked to this genetically enhanced man:

I doubt the writers exactly planned this especially since I’ve heard that they didn’t even decide to add “genetically enhanced” to Bashir’s list of characteristic until just before the episode “Doctor Bashir, I Presume?” But, it is interesting to know there is some link however small it may be.