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Merlin Audio Commentaries MP3 Download Links

All download links are from my Google Drive.

Series 1:

Ep 1: The Dragon’s Call - J. Capps and J. Murphy

Ep 2: Valiant - B. James and A. Coulby

Ep 5: Lancelot - J. Capps and E. Fraiman

Ep 7: The Gates of Avalon -  B. James, A. Head,  J. Webb

Ep 8: The Beginning of the End - C. Morgan, A. Coulby, K. McGrath, J. Webb

Ep 9:  Excalibur  -  C. Morgan, A. Coulby, R. Wilson, J. Webb

Ep 10: Moment of Truth  -  C. Morgan, B. James, A. Coulby, K.Mcgrath

Series 2:

Ep 1: The Curse of Cornelius Sigan - B. James and C. Morgan

Ep 2: The Once and Future Queen  - A. Coulby and A. Head

Ep 4: Lancelot and Guinevere  - B. James and C. Morgan

Ep 8: The Sins of the Father  - C. Morgan, B. James, A. Head

Ep 10: Sweet Dreams  -  B. James, A.Coulby, A.Troughton, J.Murphy

Ep 12: The Fires of Idirsholas  -  C. Morgan, K. McGrath, J. Webb

Series 3:

Ep 1: Tears of Uther Pendragon (I)  - K. McGrath and B. James

Ep 3: Goblin’s Gold - A. Coulby and R. Wilson

Series 4:

Ep 1: The Darkest Hour (I) - K. McGrath and A. Troughton

Ep 2: The Darkest Hour (II) -  A. Coulby and R. Young

Ep 3: The Wicked Day - C. Morgan and A. Troughton

Series 5:

Ep 1: Arthur’s Bane (I)   -  J. Murphy and J. Molotnikov

Ep 2: Arthur’s Bane (II)  -  A. Vlahos and C. Morgan

Ep 3: Death Song of Uther Pendragon - A. Coulby and R. Young

Ep 8: The Hollow Queen -  B. James and A. Troughton

Ep 9: With All My Heart  -  A. Coulby and A. Vlahos

Ep 10: The Kindness of Strangers - B. James and R. Young

Ep 13: The Diamond of the Day (II) -  J. Murphy and K. McGrath

For the first three seasons, @poetryincamelot has painstakingly written down amazing transcripts. I suggest you use these.


Happy Halloween!

  1. The Phantom of the Opera [Rupert Julian, 1925]
  2. Dracula [Todd Browning, 1931]
  3. Frankenstein [James Whale, 1931]
  4. The Mummy [Karl Freund, 1932]
  5. The Invisible Man [James Whale, 1933]
  6. The Bride of Frankenstein [James Whale, 1935]
  7. The Wolf Man [George Waggner, 1941]
  8. Creature From the Black Lagoon [Jack Arnold, 1954]