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Haven’t drawn Robin in the bunch but will soon. But oh my god look at these boys!

You got the pretty psychotic birb, the hot piece of sarcastic shit, the cinnamon roll birb(his hair reminds me of a birb imo), and you got the sexy af sociopath.

I’m planning to draw a few comic skits of them with Robin included. And of course some shippy doodles such as Smaylor, Nygmobblepot, Neclan anndd hehe.. Julnathy…biteme..;;


James Wilby & Rupert Graves

“Maurice” - “Clapham Junction”

Julian Lambrick x Reader (Julian playing his own “Would You Rather” with you - Part 02)

Part 1 Part 3

Not beta read.

@thequeenofgothamxo Here is part 2, darling <3 

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Angst, Oral Sex (you receiving), Sexual Violence, Violation, Vulgar Language, Absolutely no fluffy fluff (it’s Julian after all…), Dark Smut

I warned you!

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in the 31st century is believed by historians that the Batman was Dr. Thomas Wayne who became a crime fighter out of disgust for the ambivalence of the upperclass towards the plights of the lower class, Catwoman aka. Martha Kane was a socialite princess who became a cat burglar for fun before marrying Batman and becoming Batwoman, there son Bruce Wayne was groomed from birth to be there successor as the Robin and Batman’s greatest enemy was Calenderman