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My kids, Iris West and Francisco Ramon really shone in this episode and i’m so proud.

You don’t understand how thoroughly I enjoyed Iris being fun and reckless so much like her season one self, with Joe and with Wally even her last scene with Barry, I couldn’t stop grinning I adore her more than anything!

FUCKING CISCO AND CYNTHIA ENDED ME. This ship is gonna ruin me they better bring her back! I fucking love her what a woman.

WestAllen: Honesty I could write chapters.They’re THE MOST amazing couple together that I’ve ever witnessed I cannot with how supportive and endearing they are towards one another I want to cry!


Cisco: “What are my chances here?”

Julian: “It’s a pretty solid 1 mate” I HOWLED

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ATÉ 20 ANOS: Shaw Mendes, Chandler Riggs, August Maturo, Karan Brar, Jaden Smith, Eric Osborne, Ricardo Hoyos, 

ENTRE 21-30 ANOS: Garret Clayton, Drake, Cole Sprouse, Evan Peters, Thomas Sangster, Matt Smith, Zac Efron, Logan Lerman, Booboo Stewart, Nick Jonas,  Ed Westwick, Chris Wood, Brandon Soo Hoo, Troye Sivan, Jordan Fisher, Dominic Sherwood, Zane Holtz, Alfred Enoch, Keith Powers, Cameron Monaghan, Jeremy Allan White, Ian Harding, Cody Christian, Charlie Heaton, Joe Keery, Eric Osborne,

ENTRE 31-40 ANOS: Ian Somerhalder, Jensen Ackles, Paul Wesley, Jared Padalecki, Channing Tatum, Dave Franco, Liam Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Julian Morris, Joseph Morgan, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Charlie Hunnam, Colin O'Donoghue, Charles Michael Davis, Wilmer Valderrama, Harry Shum Jr, Noel Fisher, Matty Healy,

MAIS DE 40 ANOS: Bruce Willis,Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, Morgan Freeman, Robert Downey Jr., Norman Reedus, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Daniel Gilles, David Habour, Seth Green, Jim Parsons, Christian Bale, Michael Early, Eric Dane.

Admito que sou péssima quando o assunto é face claim asiático, então sugiro que dê uma olhada no kcrphwydgifs e rapmonhelps. Se precisar de outros links, eu posso procurar mais. Ah, a @hobitalks também tem algumas sugestões maravilhosas.

{ Julian&Krissy } Closed Thread

There was literally nothing to do aboard this stupid starship and that was all Cadet Reynolds could think about. He had been bouncing a small rubber ball of the wall in the canteen for about an hour now and nobody said anything. He had nothing else to do; no work to attend to. Work was all they did and they found themselves completing everything quickly, and being left with limbo. He hated it. Why couldn’t he pass his exams and be assigned a better rank on a better ship? He replayed all the times he’d tripped and fallen, broken something by touching it, made a bad joke in front of a superior… and decided maybe it was for the best. But what Julian didn’t know was that he was about to embark on the greatest adventure of his life. It all started with a crash. The starship he traveled on was in a death spiral. He managed to slip into stasis, which kept him alive when the impact came, but everyone else died. The computer brought him out of it and he staggered from the wreckage, onto a planet. He somehow managed to send out a sloppy SOS signal and hoped to be found.

Call ☎ Brian & Julian
  • Brian: [The ticking of the clock seemed slower than usual; it was slow against the trembling beats of her heart, it would seem. But, as the line began to register the call she was making, it seemed to stop altogether. Was she doing the right thing? How long could she put off talking to Julian? Could she bear losing him again? The signal that meant her call had been answered disrupted her thoughts.] He-hello? [Her voice was uncertain, as if she wasn't quite sure if the phone truly had been answered.] I, uh, I got your calls. I just -- I -- I've been busy. [Busy avoiding Julian would have been the right term, but Brian didn't say that. How could she explain that though she tried to divert her attention, he kept showing up in her thoughts?] I just -- I'm tired. Of this game. Of playing. Of pretending we're not something more than just -- I don't know, Julian. I -- I needed some time to think. I just -- [Brian realized she had begun rambling, so she cut herself off and trailed on the last thought uncertainly.]

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Chapter One ✮ Brilian

Brian knew nothing about first dates – or, well, dates in general. Her last one – whether it was a date or a not-date, she still didn’t know, and she definitely did not want to bother Julian with such a question – with Julian had proven such. But, as she prepared for this particular one with Julian, she couldn’t help but keep a smile on her face and a skip to her step. There was not much that she knew about dates, but there was one thing she did know: this one would be with Julian – her Julian. The thought made her skip higher, so much so that she was practically prancing around her bedroom as she prepared photographs – both of her, and of those that she had taken – that she would later on show Julian.

It was funny – starting again was. So many times, she and Julian had tried, but they ended up in square one: back to the basics. Today felt sort of like that again, but now with the hope that they would move forward. Together. They were planning to move forward together, and that was what mattered. Brian was so tired of hiding and fooling around; there had been time for foolishness and folly, and that had been when they were sixteen and young and carefree. Now, they were adults; such a time was over for the both of them. Brian took in a deep breath, hoped for the best, placed the photographs she had gathered into her sling bag, and then turned to fixing herself.

She settled on denim shorts and a blue button-up blouse, casual and laid back. The last thing Brian wanted to do was look like she was trying too hard, so she did not put on make-up or anything of the sort that would make her look like she exerted effort on herself. But she did comb her usually dishevelled hair – that, at least, was an effort she could show Julian. Brian was not a girl who cared for appearances, after all; she only looked at herself in the mirror once, and that was enough for her.

Idly, she waited for Julian in the living room. Her family knew well enough where she was going and whom with that neither of them bothered to stay with her. She was, at first, glad for the silence left her, but soon found it jarring once she was seated too long on the living room couch. There was a frenzy that spiralled upward within her – from the tip of her toes, to the pit of her stomach, and then up, up, up to her heart. It made her stand; it made her walk around; she couldn’t, for the life of her, find a way to sit down. Brian tossed her bag over her shoulder, and then removed it, only to toss it back again. She walked from the living room to the kitchen, and then back again. There was a frenzy, and oh – how raw and different it felt!

The only thing that made her stop in her tracks was the knock on the door. Brian, the impatient person that she was, raced to the door at top speed, forgetting all about presentation and looking lovely. If Julian wanted her, then he would want her even when she was nervous and when her hair was dishevelled. She opened the door at once, not mindful of the wide smile that had spread across her lips. “Hi.” The word felt raw on her lips, and she chuckled at the nervousness in the pit of her stomach. “You’re…”–she dodged her head to look at the wall clock–”uh, on time! Hi.” For a moment, she stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do. Should she hold out her hand? Should she kiss him? Lean in for a hug? What was the norm? What was appropriate? Thinking of it made her head hurt, so Brian, impatient that she was, headed back into the apartment to sling her bag over her shoulder before finally meeting Julian at the door again. “Sorry about that. Momentary setback. But you ready?”

Call ☎ Brian & Julian
  • Brian: [It was eleven in the goddamned evening -- so why was Brian holding her cellphone, staring at Julian's number, and thinking to press it? Why did she hold it the way she did, with desperation, after ignoring him for days? There had to be something wrong with her. After all she'd said that Saturday night, she was convinced this was true. But nevertheless, she clicked on his name, put the phone to her ear, and waited for an answer.] Hello? Hey, it's me.

Brilian ✮ Moodboard

“Trying is all I’m gonna ask for.” He was surprised at the amount of sincerity in his words, and even a bit taken aback by how sure he sounded. He and Brian didn’t need to be perfect, they just needed to be them. He loved that. •  Her flaws faded into the background, seemingly weighing like nothing at the back of her mind as she looked at him and was told that all she needed to do was try. Brian could try. She could try for herself. She could try for Julian.