julian of norwich and cat

Cats of 100 Days, Day 305
The Blessed Julian of Norwich lived in the 14th Century.  When suffering a deadly illness, she had a series of visions, which ended as she was healed.  She wrote them down in what is said to be the earliest surviving book in English by a woman.  Her visions were of optimism, healing, and universal love–god as mother promising universal salvation.  She lived as a hermit with only a cat for company.  I hope that her message–she said it was given to her directly by god–that “all shall be well” will be of comfort to anyone who is suffering, whether they are people of faith or not.  Also, I like it that she loved cats.

Cats of 100 Days

I have posted this before, but in this strife-torn and often frightening season, the words of the Blessed Julian of Norwich still resonate - vision, prayer, mantra, hope, and blessing: “and all shall be well/ and all shall be well/ and all manner of things/ shall be well.”

Julian lived in a time of great political and social upheaval and the Black Plague - dark times indeed - but had a vision of universal love and goodness.