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  • things i'm excited for in lord of shadows: kit and ty, kieran finding happiness, cristina, reformation of the clave, magnus bane, mark blackthorn, cute little tavvy, finding out diana's story, what's going to happen with annabel, meeting the unseelie king, finding out more about the faerie courts
  • things i'm not excited for in lord of shadows: julian and emma's straight people bullshit
  • Emma[to Cristina]: Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Cristina: Emma, I'm not American, and in my country we give thanks every day
  • Emma:
  • Julian: Oh no, you didn't
I need this to happen

OK so what if something happens that requires Cristina and Keiran to be alone together and kieran is hating it. But the Cristina starts talking about how the cold peace is wrong and unjust and how she hopes to change it, then she starts talking about how she appreciates kieran for being there for Mark when he was at his lowest and kieran starts to see that she’s not so bad and starts to like her and they become really good friends and don’t even care who gets with Mark because they are too busy in the corner laughing at how stupid mark can be!!!! (@cassandraclare PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS )

Honestly at this point, nobody knows what the official ship names are in Lady Midnight besides Jemma (JulianxEmma) like everyone is just making up their own

For MarkxKieran, is it Mieran or Kierark?

For CristinaxMark, is it Cristark or Rosethorn?

For TyxKit, is it Kitty or Heronthorn?

At this point every ship has like 700 different names and if you can identify the two characters that the ship name represents then I guess it’s valid idek anymore

She could feel the bond connecting them, as she had when she’d blacked out in the crashing car outside the Institute and woken up with Diego holding her. He’d been whispering in her ear that she would be all right, that she was his Cristina, she was strong. And it had felt for a moment, as the past months had been a dream, and she was home.
—  Cristina about Diego, Lady Midnight
  • Cristina: We've been like Sid and Nancy for months now.
  • Diego: Sid stabbed Nancy seven times with a kitchen knife, I mean we have some disagreements but I hardly think I'm Sid Vicious.
  • Cristina: No, I'm Sid.
  • Diego: Oh, so I'm Nancy?
You are so strong, Emma. You are strong down to your bones. People live through heartbreak, and you are strong enough to live through it many times. But Julian is not someone who can just touch your heart. He can touch your soul. And there is a difference between having your heart break and having your soul shatter.
—  Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

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ft. visits from Helen, a date with Cameron Ashdown, the twins, Dru, Tavvy, Clary, and Diana.

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                       female characters i fell in love with in 2016


                          Cristina Mendoza Rosales, Lady Midnight

“That is very human,” he said. “To be jealous of a body but not a heart.”
Cristina had studied faeries closely. It was true that unmarried faerie folk, regardless of sexual orientation, placed a very low value on physical fidelity, though a much greater value than humans did on emotional loyalty. There were few if any vows that had to do with sex, but many that had to do with true love. “You see, I do not want a body without a heart,” she said.