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Raise your hand if you are woefully unprepared for Lord of Shadows

you see, i do not want a body without a heart.

Imagine Kit trying to find the best way to try to educate the LA Institute squad on mundane history and just showing them the “history of the entire world, i guess” video, because he definitely would do that

Coffee Shop AU

Based on this post by beautiful and amazing @catarinalosss

- Emma goes directly to the counter, seeing the cute- hot- barista with the blue eyes and unruly brown hair. She starts asking about the tattoos that peek from the collar of his black shirt. She asks for his name (even though it’s in the tag) and says “Julian” rolling the letters on her tongue, making Julian melt a little bit. And Emma knows it. Oh she KNOWS.
- Aline sits on one of the stools, where she has a direct view of the pretty blond girl cleaning the coffee machine. “Isn’t that heavy?” She asks as the girl attempts to refill the machine, carrying a big coffee bag. The girl turns, startled, almost dropping the bag, and blushes when she sees Aline. “I manage,” she says, and she has a faint accent Aline can’t place. Aline cocks her head, smiles, and says sincerely, “I don’t doubt it.” The girl’s -Helen’s, according to the tag- smile is the brightest thing Aline has ever seen.
- Kit rests his head on his palm, bored. Everyone around him is flirting with the staff and all he can think is, “how is a family so hot what the fuck.” He gets tired of Aline flirting with the coffee girl, so he moves to a booth in the corner by himself, with the purpose of playing Watch and Judge. However, he sees that the booth he had in mind is occupied by a black-haired boy with headphones on his ears, an apron around his waist, and a Sherlock Holmes book on his lap. Kit can’t help it, he asks, “Shouldn’t you be working?” Though he knows the boy probably can’t hear him. Surprisingly, however, the boy raises his eyes from his book slightly, and Kit’s breath hitches a little. He’s beautiful. “It’s my break,” the boy says, not looking him in the eye, and goes back to his book. Kit hears a feminine laugh come from the corner of the booth, and notices for the first time a very pretty girl with the same brown hair and blue eyes as the barista Emma was flirting with. “Excuse my twin,” she says, smiling at Kit, all white teeth and dimples. “He can’t be bothered to be social when he’s reading Sherlock Holmes. Or, you know, he can’t be bothered most of the time. I’m Livvy, this is Ty,” she says, looking at Kit expectantly. “Oh, yeah, sorry. I’m Kit.” At his name, the black haired boy raises his eyes again, and Kit catches a glimpse of gray. He decides to sit down at that table, Watch and Judge game be damned.
- Cristina goes to sit with Kieran to a booth next to a window. She sees a blond boy make his way to their table, a pad and a pen in hand. She nudges Kieran’s foot under the table and nods discretely in his way. Kieran turns slightly, and Cristina sees his eyes go very wide. She laughs under her breath.
“Hi, my name is Mark, I’m your waiter. What will you have today?” He asks, eyeing Kieran interestedly, then resting his eyes on Cristina and blushing slightly. Cristina smiles charmingly. “You’re very pretty,” Kieran says bluntly, and Cristina snorts. “I- uh” Mark splutters, blushing violently. “Kieran tends yo be very… direct,” Cristina says, kicking Kieran in the chin under the table. She smiles at Mark, who is looking both flattered and flushed. “But he usually means what he says.” Kieran glares at Cristina, but turns to mark with a serious face. “I do.” Mark moves his eyes between Cristina and Kieran, and finally smiles. Cristina and Kieran share a look. “Three coffees, and an extra seat for you,” Cristina says, and watches with pleasure as Mark blushes again.

  • things i'm excited for in lord of shadows: kit and ty, kieran finding happiness, cristina, reformation of the clave, magnus bane, mark blackthorn, cute little tavvy, finding out diana's story, what's going to happen with annabel, meeting the unseelie king, finding out more about the faerie courts
  • things i'm not excited for in lord of shadows: julian and emma's straight people bullshit
To Kieran: what's the nicest thing Emma has done for you
  • <p> <b>Kieran:</b> she let's me use some of her oxygen<p/><b>Emma:</b>*gratified* sometimes<p/><b>Kieran:</b> ....sometimes<p/></p>
  • Emma: You're the most beautiful soul I've ever met.
  • Julian: *blushing* You really mean that?
  • Emma: of course!
  • Julian: I-
  • Emma: I wouldn't tell Cristina anything I didn't mean! Thank you for letting me practice, Jules! See ya!
  • Julian:
  • Julian:
  • Julian: fuck.

“He was beautiful. Not like Julian was beautiful, or Cristina— in human ways—but like the cutting edge of Cortana”

Kieran of the Hunt

Suggested by @howtobesatan101

Kieran muttered something under his breath and said, “I will swear loyalty to Mark. I will do as he bids me do, and follow the Nephilim for his sake. And I shall argue with Prince Adaon for your cause, though it is his choice in the end.”

Something flickered in Julian’s eyes. “No,” he said. “You will not do this for Mark.”

Mark looked at his brother, startled; Kieran’s expression tensed. “Why not Mark?”

“Love complicates things,” said Julian. “An oath should be free of entanglements.”

Kieran looked as if he might explode. His hair had gone com- pletely black. With an angry look at Julian, he strode toward the Shadowhunters—and knelt in front of Cristina.

Everyone looked surprised, none more than Cristina. Kieran tossed his dark hair back and looked up at her, a challenge in his eyes. “I swear fealty to you, Lady of Roses.”


Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare Did he just

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  • Emma[to Cristina]: Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Cristina: Emma, I'm not American, and in my country we give thanks every day
  • Emma:
  • Julian: Oh no, you didn't

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