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I’ve been wanting to take a town photo for ages, but amiibo camera is a butt to control and I’m lazy. So, I realized when I was putting them all together that my town is theme-less and it shows. This is the most unlikely group of people to ever get together, but we make up a great town.

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Who is in your town currently? It looks like you're always alone :0

“I can answer this! I’m Lillie. Mayor Lillie.”

AHEM. “Let’s see. I have a list, right here. I’m a little new at this…”

“First up is Goldie. You know her! She’s the star of this blog, and she’s living with her two siblings. She loves cooking, reading, and anything you can do around the house on a rainy day. She’s normal, and can be a little clumsy, but she’ll never pass up helping a friend in need.”

“Next is Bones, the oldest of the triplets. He’s a little silly but he’s a good edition to the town. He’s lazy, and will never pass up something to eat. He wears a sweater, even when it’s summer… but he never seems to mind.”

“Wynn is the runt of the triplet, just don’t mention it around her. She’s snooty, and can be a little moody. The shortest out of her brother and sister, she’s only 4′3″ while Goldie and Bones are 6′2″ and 6′4″. She’ll do anything to protect them, even if that means getting a little mean…”

“Bella is our peppy little punk. She doesn’t do anything bad, but her music is pretty loud… Being a peppy, she loves to do just about anything, and it’s hard to ever bring her down. Just don’t call her small! She can get pretty worked up if you mention her height.”

“This is Chief. He’s pretty grumpy, but I’ve heard its just because he’s a softy. He really enjoys the arts, like music and poetry. But… don’t tell him I told you that, he’d rip me a new one. Being a cranky, he’s well, cranky. We all know his true nature, though, and we love him for it!”

“This is.. uhm.. Bi-Bianca. She’s a peppy, just like Bella, but she’s more of a sw-sweetie than she is. She’s always positive, loves her friends, and I lo-we love her too. She’s always around to help, so keep that in mind!”

“Julian is more of a strong silent type. Being a smug, he’s pretty full of himself, but most of us agree that he deserves it. I mean look at that hair. Ahem. Sorry. Moving on, Julian doesn’t speak much, but when he does, he sure says a lot, and always seems to know exactly what to say.. I’m not quite sure how he does it.”

“Scoot is our jock, here in town! He’s always up early for a jog, and seemingly never takes his helmet off… I’ve even seen him sleep with it… Though he’s a good energy to have around and keeps us all in shape with his tips and tricks for staying fit that he spews in every direction.”

“Diana is our second snooty here, but she’s not as grumpy as Wynn. Saying the wrong thing can set her off, but she’s calm and collected as much as possible. She’s also the fashionista in town. (She made me my summer dress!) And gives the Able Sisters a run for their money!”

“Last but not least, is Renée. If there is nothing more she cares about, it’s her friends. But anything else… she couldn’t care less. Though she is trustworthy, I’ll give her that. She’s big, the largest in the town, actually. The term gentle giant certainly doesn’t apply, however. Don’t let her clothes misguide you, she’s tough, and will use her strength to take out anyone who messes with her or those who she loves.

“Okay, I think that’s everybody! You can ask everybody questions of their own, if you’d like, or, you could even ask me, if you’d like. But I’m more of a secretary. Isabelle’s job seems more fitting for me, than Mayor. But I’ll try my best!”

(Renée, Diana, Chief, Scoot, Bianca, Bella, Julian, and Mayor Lillie are available for asks!)

I’m not feeling too good health wise but then I thought

imagine if you went swimming in the game while it was snowing/raining, and the next time you loaded your game your character was indoors and feeling sick?  And you hear a knock at your door and its the villager you have the highest friendship with delivering you medicine and you can continue with the rest of your game just….imagine this with me for a sec….