julian larson armstrong

”Hey Logan? Are you in here?”

”Shut up!” a stuart boy had come into the common room to look for his prefect, only to find him with the arm around his sleeping actor boyfriend. 

The boy carefully stepped out as Derek watched.
Derek and Bailey being the only two that were allowed in there right now, everyone else would make to much noice. 


Four more boys stepped in the common room and everytime someone uttered a word, a simple glare from Logan would shut them up. 

Derek was amused however, maybe Logan was still blind but Derek watched how Julian’s mouth curved into a smile everytime Logan sent someone away because they weren’t allowed to wake Julian up. 


Derek knew that Julian was awake, Derek knew that Logan had no idea that Julian was awake, Derek knew that Julian pretended to be asleep so he could here Logan fight of several boys just because they might wake up Julian. Derek knew, and it filled his heart with warmth that those two were finally happy. 

Logan caught Derek smiling and furrowed his eyebroes together, Derek just waved him of. Julian shifted, placing his hand on Logan’s stomach and curling in closer. Logan smiled and placed a kiss on Julian’s head before returning to his book.

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The video is up again! 

Julian stirred in his big bed. The noice from the door opening made his eyes shot open and watch the door closely with a fast beating heart. He saw the tall blond close the door and then freze on the spot as he noticed Julians wide awake eyes. ”I thought you were sleeping” came Logans dark voice as he crawled in under the covers. ”I was, then this blond idiot woke me up” Julian said and planted small kissed on Logans chest where his head now rested. ”Sorry, i couldn’t sleep alone. Wanted to have you close” 
Logan kissed the actors head and put his arms around him. Julian smiled. A genuine smile. The rare and real smile that only Logan could bring out


Logan felt the beep of his phone. He looked around the classroom to make sure that he was the only one that heard the phone before he picked it up. 

”Hey gorgeous”  From Jules. 

Logan rolled his eyes and wrote a response. 

“Hi Diva”

“Diva eh? I was going to sext you and get you all excited about tonight. 

But i might go hang out with Derek insteed”

“There is no way in hell you are hanging out with Derek on out three months. 

So.. what are you wearing?" 


“Very funny Jules. You are in your uniform, ignoring the English teacher right?”

“Actually i am in your room. Naked. Waiting for you to come back and fuck me senseless.”

Logan almost dropped his phone

“..are you serious?”

“I bought handcuffs for tonight" 


"And body oil that tastes like chocolate”

“Julian, are you really in my room?”

“I was thinking about rubbing it all over your cock so i can lick it of later. Until every last drop is gone”

Julian better not be kidding. Because Logan was skipping the rest of his class to go find out if the hot man he called his boyfriend, actually was in his room.