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Favourite Star Trek Episodes - Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)

Maybe we’re nothing more than figments of his imagination. For all we know, at this very moment, somewhere, far beyond all those distant stars, Benny Russell… is dreaming of us. 

  • Randy Cunningham: Thinks they're watching a generic superhero show.
  • Howard Weinerman: Has very strong feelings about secondary characters.
  • The Ninjanomicon: Consistently fails to differentiate between canon and fanon.
  • Hannibal McFist: Watches more reality TV then they'd care to admit.
  • Willem Viceroy III: Is any person who watches "Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja."
  • The Sorcerer: Will watch anything with Tim Curry.
  • First Ninja: Weeaboo scum.
  • Theresa Fowler: Likes watching boys and girls KISS on the MOUTH!!!
  • Debbie Kang: Wishes there were more shows for kids about smart people. Why aren't there are more smart people, huh?! Why's the good guy always have to be as dumb as a box of rocks, huh?! WHAT ABOUT ALL THE SMART KIDS WHO NEED ROLE MODELS?!?!?!
  • Heidi Weinerman: Still thinks RandyxHeidi has a shot at being canon.
  • Morgan: Has a collection of fictional waifus.
  • Bucky Hensletter: Regularly adopts stray animals only to throw them back out once they tear up the furniture.
  • Julian: Hot Topic scum.
  • Flute Girl: Will watch anything with Grey deLisle.
  • Bash Johnson: Has very strong feelings about stupid people.
  • Marci McFist: Likes Fargo and A Prairie Home Companion.
  • Rachel: Only likes characters who are good role models for real people.
  • Stevens: Has a collection of fictional husbandos.
  • The Sorceress: A strong independent woman who don't need no man, who also loves star-crossed lovers narratives.
  • Catfish Booray: Has bizarre sexual interests and is more than okay with that.
  • Mac Antfee: Lives in the past. Still uses DeviantArt.
  • Ghoulian: Dark and edgy Hot Topic scum.
  • Levander Hart: Vivienne Westwood scum.
  • NomiRandy: Likes people more for their physical attributes than their personalities.
  • The Tengu: Has a FurAffinity account.
  • NG: Has very strong feelings about the background characters that are too niche even for the fandom.
  • Jacques: Franch, eet eez zee language of zee yaois! Hon hon hon!
  • The Art Teacher: Has a slightly less skeevy collection of Internet waifus.
  • S. Ward Smith: Know every single TV Trope by heart.
  • Mort Weinerman: Generally a good judge of character.
  • Doug: Former Yu-Gi-Oh fan who specialised in Téa-bashing fanfics.
  • The Messenger: Went through the mammoth effort of slowing down Big Hero 6's microbot montage so they could take pictures of every single second.
  • Accordion Dave: Has only just realized that they dress like Caliborn from Homestuck.
  • Cass Simonson: Does not play well with others.
  • The Disciplinarian: Gemini.
  • The Killer Potatoes: A little sh*t that likes making things harder for me!
  • Jed and Scott: Likes watching the commentary reels, getting to see inside the creator's heads, finding all those little behind-the-scenes secrets that make the show tick.
  • Danny Phantom or Jake Long: Not supposed to be here.

Tiberius Blackthorn

“Julian had heard stories-whispers really-of other Shadowhunter children who thought or felt differently. Who had trouble focusing. Who claimed letters rearranged themselves on the page when they tried to read them. Who fell prey to dark sadnesses that seemed to have no reason, or fits of energy they couldn’t control.

Whispers were all there were, though, because the Clave hated to admit that Nephilim like that existed. They were disappeared into the ‘dregs’ portion of the Academy, trained to stay out of the way of other Shadowhunters. Sent to the far corners of the globe like shameful secrets to be hidden. There were no words to describe Shadowhunters whose minds were shaped differently, no real words to describe differences at all.

Because if there were words, Julian thought, there would have to be acknowledgement. And there were things the Clave refused to acknowledge.”


A thing from the stream, because we talked about if Randy and Howard had another fight, and Randy bet he could make more friends. Only to find out everyone in Norrisville High avoids him because he makes them all nervous, because they all have a crush on him. Everyone in Norrisville High but Howard has a crush on Randy, and as Dems said “Other than his enemies who WANT to crush him” Top one is a direct request for Juggo.