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I finally finished these!! I’ve spent the past week working on several things at once, but finally got my drawing project done~ Out of desire to re-design outfits for some of the Gotham villains, I drew them like fashion sketches (you can google what i mean) complete with modeling poses for fun~

though this took me a while, i’m very happy with how they turned out! I hope you guys enjoy my outfit designs (the only old one being Riddler’s; i’m kind of settled on it); you can click to get a better look at them! each outfit incorporates inspiration from their canon outfits combined with some sort of ‘fashion flair’ and were fun to create

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)

Julian Albert is Doctor Alchemy

Yes, I know that we’re only five episodes in, but I genuinely believe that Julian Albert is Doctor Alchemy.


Tom Felton was added to the cast only days before Doctor Alchemy was added, and the producers said that Tom’s character was named Julian Dorn. Most people made the connection that Tom would be Doctor Alchemy right away.


At Comic-Con, during an interview, Tom was asked the name of his character, and he said that it was Julien Albert. The first Doctor Alchemy’s name is Albert Desmond.


I know that you guys are saying, “BUT JULIAN’S NOT EVIL, HE’S JUST A DICK!!!11!” In the comic series, Albert Desmond (Doctor Alchemy) suffered from multiple personality disorder, and Doctor Alchemy was the most powerful personality. Also, recently, The Flash has had two characters with MPD: Frankie Kane aka Magenta and Eliza Harmon aka Trajectory.


You might not have noticed it, but Julian has depicted some of the symptoms of MPD:

(His symptoms will be italicized)

Behavioral: impulsivity, self-destructive behavior, or self-harm

Mood: anxiety (possibly) , feeling detached from self, or mood swings

Psychological: altered consciousness (possibly), depression, or flashback

Also common: amnesia or blackout (possibly)

Impulsivity: spoiler alert, Julian almost shot a fifteen year old boy in episode 5, and also left his entire family in England to become a scientist

Self-destructive behavior: he puts himself down, saying he became useless when the metahumans appeared, and jealousy (wanting to be a meta so he can do good)

Mood-swings: Julian has more mood swings than I do, and that’s saying something. He literally goes from happy to screaming to crying in three minutes

Anxiety: he doesn’t let Barry do anything when they work together because he wants to do it the “right way”, and very obvious trust issues

Depression: he constantly feels powerless … Julian’s just a fucking wreck (no offense)

Altered consciousness: possible multiple personalities

Amnesia or blackout: again, multiple personalities and the whole Doctor Alchemy thing

…….This poor baby


Julian stated that he was in the military for four years, probably stationed in a foreign land, and you don’t just find a Philosopher’s Stone lying on the streets of Central City


Tom Felton has a history of playing very emotionally complex characters in the past (aka Draco Malfoy) that have  both a good and bad side to them


Also, the Flash likes to hide it’s main villains in plain sight  like with Eobard Thawne and Zoom, so why would Doctor Alchemy be any different?

Alright, I have two theories:


Julian from this time-line is Doctor Alchemy but Julian suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder and has absolutely no clue that he is Alchemy. Barry finds out Julian is Alchemy and wants Team Flash to save him from his “Doctor-Alchemy-persona” before he can hurt anybody else.


Julian from Flashpoint is Doctor Alchemy, and he traveled through dimensions to restore Flashpoint for some reason

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Do you have name guesses for Baby Slay 2.0?

He he he! I have! You all know I do! I never get it right, but I try anyway!

As I said when Alexander was born, I LOVE his name. I love Alexander (I love Alex names in general) so I was very happy with the name.

I think Carl Philip and Sofia’s naming style is classic, yet modern. So I have some predictions for the first name. The swedes are quite adventurous, so let’s see if I get something right! xD I added some more riskier choices just in case.

  • William/Wilhelm
  • Oliver
  • Viktor/Victor
  • Theo/Theordor/Theodore
  • Gabriel
  • Max/Maximilian
  • Henry
  • Matteo/Matthew
  • Felix
  • Samuel
  • Julian
  • Sebastian
  • David
  • Edward
  • Alice/Alicia
  • Lilly/Lily/Lilian/Liliana
  • Alma
  • Astrid
  • Isabelle/Isabella
  • Vera
  • Emma
  • Emilia
  • Matilda
  • Ingrid
  • Maria (LMAO, why not? I would laugh for DAYS)
  • Amelia
  • Anna

If the baby is a girl I think they will use Alexander’s trend: First name - Name from Sofia’s mother - Either Silvia or Renate to honour the Queen - As for a fourth name I think it would either be Lillian (or a variation) or perhaps Marie (since Estelle and Leonore’s last name are Mary and Maria. I love symmetry, LMAO), but they could very well leave her with “only” 3 names, like Oscar, Leonore and Nicolas.

If It’s a boy, I’m at a lost. How many honor names one can have (i’m blessed to live in a country were honor names are not very common)? So, maybe, one of CP’s names? Would they use Carl as a filler? I have no idea. I’m notoriously bad at boys names xD

Anyway, what do you all think? What are your predictions for Baby Slay 2.0?