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Imagine #146

Imagine you go on a date with someone you met on tinder and that someone is Julian Albert

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Okay, but Garak going to Julian and asking the doctor to pretend to be his boyfriend so Ziyal will move on to someone that’s likely better for her (and closer to her age) and Julian agreeing. And then the entire senior staff actually believing that Julian and Garak are dating because Ziyal told Kira who told Jadzia who told LITERALLY EVERYONE.

Los Angeles Shadowhunters as Things I've Done
  • Emma: kicked a kid rly hard in the stomach during a martial arts class and they had to sit the rest of the class out and i haven't seen them since. this was like 4 years ago.
  • Julian: dated my best friend but then broke up after 24 hours because it was too weird
  • Arthur: ordered 2 large cheese pizzas from dominos at like 1 am
  • Cristina: spent weeks flirting with a person, then found out that they had a girlfriend but "she didn't need to know"
  • Diego: pretended not to know someone to psych them out before an audition
  • Dru: got asked out and then high-fived the person as a response
  • Kit: cried b/c my pizza fell on the floor
  • Livvy: my brother got trapped in an elevator like 6 months ago and i still make fun of him because of it
  • Mark: pretended to date one of my close freinds so we wouldnt get left out of couples activities.
  • Tavvy: couldn't remember how to do basic subtraction on my precalc test
  • Ty: put a bunch of excessively gay decorations around my half of the room because my roommate was really homophobic
Barry Allen- Jealous

Requested by anon: hi :) do you mind writing a one-shot of Barry Allen? So Barry is jealous because the reader, his crush, has been hanging out and going on dates with Julian and Barry gets really upset and confesses

Words: 485

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted. Thank you for 170 followers. I really appreciate it. Feel free to request :D

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Remember when Jadzia, Julian, and Miles get really tiny and when they’re back on the station Julian and Miles are in Quark’s bragging to Morn and a dabo girl about their adventure, and Odo and Quark team up to troll on them saying they look a couple centimeters shorter than the last time Odo had seen them? So Julian and Miles immediately go to the infirmary. Because I do and it was great.

ohc ship concepts

some concepts i’m shook up about: 

  • pining john, oblivious julian
  • john planning dates and getting as anxious about them as he gets about the show 
    • “everything must be perfect, leticia”
    • “that tablecloth is CROOKED” 
    • “stab me with this fork, please”
  • john (accidentally) pulling a cecil and gushing about his bf/crush (on the air)
  • john inviting julian to a fancy pbc party 
    • all the fancy ppl like him better lol
    • quite the entertainer
    • julian has to borrow a suit / everything is too big on him
    • “i wish he’d look at me like that, you know, like just once maybe” 
      • “i can wear cool suits … i can talk in a cool voice… what’s he got that i don’t got”
  • leticia with a cute GIRLFRIEND
    • leticia SMITTEN with her cute GIRLFRIEND 
  • everyone is gay 

pls send more im living 

The Flash, 3x05 (Monster)

Am I the only one who would totally prefer Barry dating Julian Albert than Iris West ? The episode was great, because, damn, Julian is great and Tom Felton is channeling his inner Malefoy but in a very good way, and I love that guy ! But, I feel like Barry has way more chemistry with Julian than with Iris … Plus, over the past three seasons, they have changed and grown, and the Barry who was crushing on his almost-sister who never noticed him is not the same Barry as now. And the Iris that barely understood her almost-brother feelings is not the same Iris … I don’t know, I guess I don’t really feel like Barry is good for Iris … Ugh. Complicated. Now I want Barry to tell Julian he’s The Flash and then they kiss on top of a building because two nerdy scientists with the same desire to help people and improve the world ? Yes please !

PS : I love how there’s already a ship name for Barry and Julian : Allenbert ! I mean, isn’t that great ? (Rapha, your fangirl is showing !)