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  • Ty: Kit and I want to be parabatai.
*Emma and Julian look at each other*
Emma: Are you one hundred percent sure you aren’t in love with each other or ever could be?
*Kit looks at Ty*
Kit: Yeah. You’re right. Being parabatai would be a horrible idea.
Things I need in QoAaD
  • A hot faerie threesome
  • Kit and Ty obviously
  • More gay girls
  • So lots of Helen and Aline or new characters either is good
  • The ending of LOS to not have happened
  • Lots of Cristina in general
  • No deaths
  • Emma and Julian to figure out something that doesn’t destroy everything or themselves, just let things end well and for them to have the happy ending they deserve
  • Can Julian paint at some point? He hasn’t had much art-related stuff recently and I feel like he’d find it therapeutic
  • Emma kicking ass
  • For Ash to be cool and not threatening in the least and even if he will be Sebastian’s kid and heir to the Seelie Court at least let him be nice
  • Kieran continuing to be cool and developed
  • More Dru she’s great
  • More Cristina again I love her

The Signs as iconic Kit Herondale moments in LoS

Aries: hoping a display of weapons would fall on jace

Taurus: “I was actually going to hop the metro link, god keep with the times julian”

Gemini: “I’m Christopher Herondale”

Cancer: “nice weasel you’ve got got there ty”

Leo: “it doesn’t mean just an ounce of Blackthorn blood by any chance does it”

Virgo: sneaking off to eat cookies once research starts

Libra: “why do they wake me up early?” “oh no why are they waking me up in the middle of the night”

Scorpio: his dubious boxers

Sagittarius: bust= boobs

Capricorn: the sarcastic “wow” he gave Zara after she said that she’d met Jace

Aquarius: punching a board in frustration

Pisces: being offended by Kieran calling his eyes the color “of an ordinary sky”

  • Kit: What's your favourite fast food restaurant?
  • Ty: Um Julian doesn't really let us eat fast food...
  • Kit: Say McDonalds
  • Ty: McDonalds?
  • Kit: Did you get your body from there? Cause I'm lovin' it
  • Me: *deeply inhales*
  • Me: *jumps out through window*

Imagine Kit trying to find the best way to try to educate the LA Institute squad on mundane history and just showing them the “history of the entire world, i guess” video, because he definitely would do that


“What’s the Nephilim motto again?”

“ ‘We are dust and shadows,’ ”

The Dark Artifices — @cassandraclare

Here’s my little contribution to the TDA fandom.

This is only the first part of these tarot cards. I look forward to make a second part with some other characters of the series.

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Get over here, Kit. Being part of the group means being a part of group hugs
—  Ty, probably, at some point

Ty Blackthorn from the dark artifices

I finished Lord of Shadows and I am not okay

Kit’s list of grievances against the Shadowhunters

- Stupid hot people, won’t let me go home and get my stuff.
- They won’t tell me anything about what it would mean to actually become a Shadowhunter. Would I have to go somewhere and train?
- They won’t tell me how long I can stay here, except “as long as you need to.” Don’t I have to go to school eventually? Some kind of school?
- They won’t talk about the Cold Peace or how it sucks.
- They won’t let me eat cookies.  (They did let him eat cookies; he just suspected they were judging him for it.)
- They don’t seem to understand what autism is, or mental illness, or therapy, or medical treatment. Do they believe in things like chemotherapy? What if I get cancer? I probably won’t get cancer. But if I did …
- They won’t tell me how Tessa and Jem found my dad. Or why my dad hated Shadowhunters so much.
- They make me get up early.
- They wake me up in the middle of the night.