julian bowers


Can I just say, it’s about time! Julian and Joanna errbodddy!!! I was starting to get so frustrated with this whole back and forth shit. Julian would go for Joanna and she would say no, and I would go

But in this recent episode 1x09 with the anniversary stuff there was a whole lot of this

and this

and I was all

External image

but finally she opened up and gave him an opening with finally telling herself to accept what was and could be. And he came back with “I’m in to the edge of doom” business

This was ME

And when that short Short SHORT scene was over I did this

**BONUS** Instant fave scene when that wench Audrey tries to act like all’s good with Edward and I gave her this

Better yet Edward gaver her this straight-talk

I hope there’s more of all of this in the next episode!!!


The lady doth protest too much.

As we can all see, Julian offers his hand and it is Joanna who makes the choice to take it, and walk hand in hand on the beach with him. She may try to keep the distance, but this proves she still has the same exact feelings Julian has. So stop interrupting and protesting and let him kiss you, dammit!