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  • Emma: If you want to take the Institute, you’ll have to go through me.
  • Cristina: And me.
  • Belinda: Is this a joke? We will not be threatened by two little girls.
  • Cristina: You don’t want to mess with us.
  • Emma: She’s a hair puller.
  • Diego: And you’re not just dealing with them.
  • Julian: You’re dealing with all of us.
  • Kieran: Except me.
  • Julian: Except Kieran.
  • Kieran: I don’t care what happens.
Rejjie Snow Solidifies His Future In The Hip Hop World With ‘The Moon & You’ Mixtape

Rejjie Snow, the Irish hip hop artist from Dublin, takes a step into what seems to be his inevitable future in his first full-length release. Since releasing his debut EP, Rejovich, fans have been clamoring for his long-awaited debut album. While the latest offering may not be an official album release, the The Moon & You debut mixtape contains more than enough substance to confidently stand on its own.

Rejjie Snow’s latest pays homage to his early beginnings and influences while also exploring newfound territory. From the outset of The Moon & You, Rejjie makes reference to Wu-Tang Clan, as well as pivotal moments of his upbringing, which served as much of the main focus for his earlier releases. However, Rejjie makes it clear that he is beyond the tribulations of the past and has his gaze locked onto the future. 

Not content to merely rest on his laurels or predecessors, he seamlessly shifts from these retroactive references into a production and lyrical fluidity not heard on his earlier releases. The underlying experimentation with production styles that emanates throughout the mixtape is one of its strongest suits, and it is utilized intelligently and sparingly so as not to allow listeners to find a moment to grow tired or overly-familiar with what is coming next.

The most dramatic and quintessential moment of experimentation comes from the standout track, “SUNNY CALIFORNIA.” Rejjie shifts back and forth between spitting verse and an auto-tuned counterpart, evocative of earlier hip hop artists like Quasimoto. He calls forth an idyllic presentation of California before enveloping himself in a hypnotic deluge of electric guitars through the last half of the song. The song reverberates out a powerful catharsis of emotion, signifying that moment of finally reaching an ideal, envisioned far-off destination. 

Yet, a couple songs earlier you can find “PURPLE TUESDAY,” reminiscent of the stylings present on Rejjie’s debut release which highlights the harsher realities of life. Snow also employs powerful features from both Joey Bada$$ and Jesse Boykins III, as well as Dana Williams and Julian Bell who transform “PINK FLOWER” into a smooth R&B style production.

Despite the lack of clear cohesion on The Moon & You, the debut mixtape never feels disjointed. Instead, it all feels like the natural evolution and progression of Rejjie Snow as an artist. He takes what made him who he is and couples it with his vision for the future. The Moon & You is simultaneously an applaud to the hip hop world that he originally entered and a declaration of where he sees himself headed–which, if this mixtape is any indication, is poised towards even greater heights.

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Levequest, hired delve, hunt mark, monsters near a village, Adders needed a hand with morbols again. Bell scoured through work in the Shroud, scorched greenery and ash in his wake. He wasn’t careless; in fact, his precision was a byword, but he was relentless. The levemetes saw him too often, looking for another job. He was disinterested in their glances, their whispers and concern. Everyone loves to watch a wreck.

He refused to sleep, passing out at inn tables, against trees, standing up–hours here and there. It was good enough. He subsisted off aether and alcohol, food was inconsistent. Two weeks out, and he’d lost weight. He gave up grooming; the haunt of blond stubble on his face was sparse, comedic if it hadn’t been so blatantly wrong. He’d left the suits for leather and metal–straps and snaps, no damned buttons; tall boots and plated gloves that didn’t char off him every other spell. He’d shorn the growing locks of his pale gold hair, and left them on Julian’s grave, an offering. The remains were a ragged crop around his head, doing nothing to hide his scars.

He was head down on some splintery table, in some inn, in some part of the Shroud. There were too many bottles on the table, all his. All gone. He couldn’t even pass out, tonight. Julian. Celestin. A name like an incantation, he’d told him once. The kind of stupid thing you say to someone you love. Exhausted, memories always overtake him. Too tired to sleep, too tired to forget.

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Mi faceva male starti lontano.
Mi sembrava di avere un uncino piantato sotto le costole, con qualcosa che tirava in senso opposto.
Come se fossi fisicamente legato a te, a prescindere dalla distanza
—  Julian Blackthorn